Appetite For Light- The Best Lighting For Your Cozy Dinners at Home


Appetite For Light: The Best Lighting For Your Cozy Dinners at Home

The right lighting is essential in your dining room because lights are the main ingredients in creating mood and atmosphere. Whether you are sitting down to a simple weekend dinner with your family or having a sumptuous banquet with a dozen of your friends, the lighting over your dining table should complement to the occasion at hand.

Lighting should both provide a charming visual presence and the right illumination for a relaxed eating and cheerful conversation.

Now, if you are eager for an upgrade of your dining room area and you are looking for the perfect lighting fixture to match with your dining space design ideas, worry not because there are various of options for you to choose. From the traditional chandeliers and modern pendant lights to wall sconces, here are some of the best lighting fixtures to provide you a cozy dinner at home.

Yes To Chandeliers

Chandeliers not only provide elegance and finesse into your dining space, but it also proves to be an instant centerpiece in the room while you are eating. While they are a staple in traditional dining rooms, chandeliers nowadays range from a variety of designs that work well in contemporary and modern dining spaces.

For example, a wrought-iron with candelabra or a metal-framed with hanging crystals chandeliers is an excellent option if you want to add a modern elegance for your modern dining room. For optimum effect, make sure to hang them 40-45 inches over your dining table.

Get Plush with Flush-Mount Lights

Well, like chandeliers, flush-mount light fixtures can be seen at the ceiling. Their only difference is that flush-mounted lights provide no gap between the ceiling and the light fixture.

Flush-mounted lights are best to install in dining rooms with limited spaces, as they feature a charming elegance like that of a chandelier but in a more compact design. It is known to provide light to the room without being obtrusive, making it a great complement to dining spaces in which the dining table is the centerpiece.

Get Elegant with Lights that Hang Like Pendants

Pendant lights are known as flexible lighting fixtures that can adapt to any living space. Modern pendant lighting and other lights are easy to install and come in a variety of shapes and designs.

For example, there are glass pendant lights that not only provide ambient lighting but can also be an accent light as it highlights a dining table. There are also horizontal pendant lights that cast diffused light on the length of the table. For a traditional dining room setting, you can take advantage of rattan pendant lights.

Let Wall Sconces Create the Mood

Wall sconces are excellent lighting fixtures to supply both accent and general lighting. If you have an accommodating dining space, mounting sconces on each wall corner ensures ample light when blended with ceiling lights. Wall sconces also help create the mood when used in a romantic dinner set-up.

Highlight It with Track Lights

Track lighting is a perfect option if you want to highlight a painting or an antique ceramics in your dining room. Track lights also come in various contemporary and industrial-style designs.

When you have track lights, you can adjust each light to create the ambiance that you want for your dining room. For you to have a balanced light, install a set of two track lights for each side of the ceiling. In this way, you will have a relaxed setting for your weeknight dinners.


Installing the perfect lighting for your dining room is important as it creates the mood and ambiance that you want while eating and having conversations with your family or friends. There are many lighting fixtures nowadays that come in different styles and designs to achieve this purpose. As what mentioned above, there are chandeliers, pendant lights, wall sconces, track lights, and flush-mounted lights.