Aquabocci’s Colourful Shower Drains will Add Extra Style to Your Bathroom Design


If you’re tired of looking at rusty, unappealing grates, you’ll love what we’ve got in store for you. Minimalistic, slim designs from Aquabocci have replaced the lacklustre utilitarian options of the past decade. The brand even has a Red Dot Product Design Award acknowledging its inventive excellence.

Their marine-grade aluminum styles aren’t like your standard circular steel models. Instead, the elegant creations are timeless and sleek, and available in four gorgeous colours. This means that your bathroom is about to get a whole lot more classy!

Aquabocci’s A30 Shower Drain installed against the wall and Blade Shower Kit across shower entrance in Black Colour

Slimmer Shower Drains Offer More Design Possibilities

When shopping for tiles, it’s always worth keeping in mind that space needs to be left for grating. Luckily, Aquabocci’s range allows you to choose from a variety of widths and thicknesses that take up less floor space.

Once installed, you may not even notice the fixtures. The specially developed models integrate seamlessly into floors, becoming almost invisible to the eye. Architects love the look, as Matthew MacRae (Construction Manager at Precision Projects) knows well.

“All of our products are specified by architect Martin Friedrich. We use a lot of the Blade Pivots at front doors, the Blade Shower Drain, and the S66 Slimline around swimming pools,” says Matthew.

Having been introduced to this customisable range of products in 2018, Matthew and his team have been creating stunning spaces ever since. The aesthetically optimised designs of the Blade, S66 and R-47 are as functional as they are beautiful. Some varieties even enhance flow, which is great for those who love the modern aesthetic of a simple glass door partition, rather than a cubicle. It’s also easy to open and clean the grate when you use the Aquabocci lifting tool, which is very handy.

While the Blade Shower Drain is a frequent order for the crew, the range also includes models for balconies, driveways and other areas. In the past, steel would have been the only option – rusting and staining as time went by. Now that the Aquabocci collection is here, it’s possible to have a put-together look flowing from interiors to exteriors and everywhere else.

Tap into a True Style Revolution

These architectural solutions provide a unique opportunity to either make a statement or hide certain fixtures from view. Thanks to the modularity of each product, you no longer have to work around dimension restraints when planning the layout of your bathroom. Instead, you can tailor lengths specifically to the space, create shapes using straight lengths and corners, and position spigot outlets exactly where you want them.

As for longevity, each product is watermark-certified, with a 10 year warranty included with the purchase. Plus, whether you choose an R-47 Threshold Drain to install into the sliding door track of a beachside property, or a channel system to tuck away in the corner, salt water and chlorine won’t do any harm. The shiny aluminum stays looking fresh, bright, and modern at all times, requiring very little maintenance as the years go by. As an added bonus, they’re quick and easy to assemble, which makes maintenance a breeze.

Visit the Aquabocci website to see the full range and discover exactly what’s on offer. The missing piece to a beautifully crafted bathroom awaits.

Aquabocci Blade Shower Kit installed along the shower wall in Black Colour