Are Inbuilt Concrete Pools the Best Choice?


Homeowners go above and beyond to improve their property’s functionality and aesthetic appeal. Some of the improvements made to a house include equipment installation, structural renovations, and the addition of entertainment features. However,  currently trending are swimming pool installations and refurbishment. 

Swimming pools are a great outdoor fitting for entertainment. They improve the overall appeal of outdoor spaces and enhance property value in the real estate markets. Pool designs are limited to the available space and the owner’s preferences; as a result, the size, style, and type of pools built vary from property to property. Nonetheless, the numerous features and advantages of inground concrete swimming pools have caught the attention of many homeowners. Some of the factors listed belowexplain why inground concrete swimming pools are the best choice.

Design Flexibility

Based on the available space, financial constraints, and homeowners’ personal preferences,  in-built concrete pools can take any shape, size, or depth. Moreover, these swimming pools incorporate many features, including wading areas, attached spas, integrated slides, and more. The pools also provide for narrow radiuses, varying depths, built-in chairs, and steps while maximising customisation. Lighting can also be installed in the pool’s shell for ambience and improved safety. Furthermore, tiles and a range of pool deck materials work well with concrete pools.


Concrete pools can last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. If you need proof, look at the pools of ancient roman kingdoms that stand to date. In addition to the aesthetic beauty, concrete inground pools are more sturdy. The pools are the most resilient option owing to the reinforced design and the use of concrete as the primary construction material. Unlike fibreglass pools, concrete pools are made on-site. The construction is labour intensive and requires a lot of professional input. Moreover, design specifications determine the level of reinforcement. For example, deep pools require extra reinforcement along the base since the water pressure is high at the bottom of the pool. 

Agreeably, the most dependable pool shell material is concrete. The pool can live through harsh weather conditions and excessive wear. Moreover, concrete pools allow unlimited repairs and renovations. It’s easy to seal cracks, repair leaks and install new fittings without replacing or reworking the entire pool. A long operational life translates to years of fun and other accrued benefits.  

Return on Investment

Every investor looks to get some returns from where they put their money. Therefore, homeowners who spend tons of money on inbuilt concrete pools are entitled to the same. The real value of a pool is realised when a property is listed in the market. Properties with extra features, such as solar panel systems, swimming pools, and entertainment areas, are more likely to draw prospective buyers and often fetch higher prices. Moreover, renting a house with an in-built concrete swimming pool will earn more rental income. In the end, pool owners can collect huge returns from renting or selling their property as a consequence of a simple installation in the backyard.

Inbuilt concrete pools are the best choice if you are looking for a pool option that is versatile, durable, and beautiful. Nonetheless, it’s important to know some of the drawbacks to make an informed choice before construction. Some downsides of owning a concrete pool are the high installation costs, high maintenance needs and unfriendly swimming experience. Moreover, installation requires several permits. 

Regardless, the pros outweigh the cons making inground concrete pools the best choice for homeowners. If you are keen on owning a concrete pool, get in touch with the right people and start your journey today. You will not regret fitting a concrete pool in your home.