Are We Keeping Up With The Jones’?


The expression ‘Keeping up with the Jones’ originated from an American cartoon strip that first appeared in 1913. The idea behind the cartoon was to make fun of those who have a desperate aim to impress others. Today the expression could just as well apply to the infamous Kardashians.

Do not borrow just to impress

There is nothing wrong in borrowing money. Logbook loan companies extend credit to thousands of consumers every day. All you have to do is hand over your proof of car ownership, your logbook, the lender will offer you a loan worth up to 75% of the value of your vehicle and the cash will be in your bank account within hours.


As long as you can repay the debt within the required timescale and you don’t put yourself into financial difficulty in order to pay back the loan, this form of credit is a wonderful way of accessing funds for holidays, school uniforms or even the latest pair of Jimmy Choos. According to the website The Money Charity ‘lending to individuals in the UK increased by £109 million a day.’

Surveys show we like impressing

The idea of ‘doing your own thing’ seems to be outmoded in the 21st century.
A survey published by The Express polled among 200 middle class Brits with the Jones surname revealed that they love Prosecco, flock to yoga classes and listen to Radio 2. This lifestyle means that you should be in a secure job, or have access to a family trust fund and you will probably living in the South East of the country.


In terms of copying others, just look how quickly the latest iPhones and other accessories are snapped up. A young person going out on the town wouldn’t be seen dead in old trainers and without the latest smartphone. In a culture dominated by selfies, if you’re not taking your pics on the latest gadgets and then publishing them on Pinterest, Facebook or any other form of social; media, you’re at risk of becoming a social pariah.

Finances are still kept secret

One area of life where we don’t wish to impress is how we finance our luxuries. With 47 mortgage possession orders made every day this is something people don’t want to boast about. Yet the finance to impress the neighbours and social peers often comes from payday lenders, loan sharks or even maxed out credit cards. If you do want to impress others make sure that you can afford it. You’ll feel pretty low living in a hostel because you’ve lost your home and credibility as a result of your overspending.

Only Borrow if you can Repay

When taking out a loan, always do your sums. Make sure that you are clear about the repayment schedule and the sums involved. You may only need to borrow £1,000 but once the interest rates are added onto your original debt the total debt will be far higher. You could always be original and not follow the crowd, but not everyone has that much individuality!