Arranging a Garden: Pay Attention to the Waste the Process Will Create


Gardens are a lot like children. You love them, you take good care of them, and you feel proud of watching them grow and flourish. However, one of the biggest challenges people face when caring for their plants is the huge amount of waste generated from the process.

Garden waste is not like what we throw out in our everyday lives. It’s natural waste, and this means that it’s absolutely valuable. Being careful with what you need to throw after arranging your garden can be more useful than you think, which is why you must be cautious when you get rid of it. This is why we’re going to fill you in on how to pay attention to the waste that comes from your garden and what you can do with it.

The Wondrous Benefits of Wood and Leaves

Decomposing wood is a great source of nutrition for the soil, which the plants need to grow. So maybe next time you find those little twigs, don’t throw them away, just leave them be and watch how your garden thrives.

Bigger branches that we cut down can become a shelter for many creatures and even fish if you have a pond or lake nearby. Fireflies, for example, live among rotting tree wood. Removing them kills those fascinating little flying bugs that make us so happy. Fish use wood branches that fall into the water as shelter from high tides, and they also use them to keep their eggs protected. Dead leaves, on the other hand, are basically a natural fertilizer for the soil but without an unpleasant smell. The yellow and orange leaves on the ground also look beautiful, it’s really why most people love the fall.

Ways to Getting Rid of This Waste

There are different ways to reduce the aesthetic mess that trunk waste creates in your garden. One way is to shred the branches and extra leaves and mix them with your soil for a stronger, more nutritious environment for your plants to grow in. As for the small, thin branches, you can cut them into smaller pieces and scatter them under your hedges for the same reason.

If the branches are large or the waste is excessive for your garden, you may need professional assistance who knows how to better handle this waste. An excellent option is to find a skip bin hire service in your area to put them away. You can then give away this waste for recycling and other environmental services. Utilizing the services of a bin skip hire service allows you to get rid of the waste in bulk.

More Uses

Dead leaves and branches can be used for artistic projects too. Fallen leaves, especially those that turned orange or red-orange, can be used for decorations in different parts of your house. You can put them on canvas and frame that, and you get yourself a wonderful picture to hang.

The environment has blessed us with tons of wonderful things, so we must be responsible for how we use its resources. A great way to give back is to be mindful and find useful ways to repurpose them in whatever way possible. This may be an additional task for you but you’ll be surprised how many amazing things you can create with just a little bit of waste.