Artificial Ivy Walls To Reinvent The Look And Vibes Of Your Building Entrances


A building entrance must always be lavish, classy and sophisticated. A great way to give the entrance or even the overall building an upscale look is by installing ivy walls and mats in the premises. Even ivy topiaries and plants can be installed in the surroundings areas of the building to bring about a lush green, vibrant and mesmerizing feel to the area. Here’s everything you need to know about the artificial ivy walls:

Hide Ugly Wall Flaws With The Breathtaking Ivy Mats

Old building structures often have several cracks, leakage marks and other flaws on them. These ugly flaws can be an absolute eyesore and can probably turn off buyers who are looking to invest in an apartment in the building. With the help of the ivy mats, you can now hide those flaws away with lush green beauty. Whether you wish to place the mats on the walls, the ceilings or even as carpets to the entrance, your building will get a whole new mystical and tropical vibe.

Easy To Maintain And Provide Care To

Real ivy plants tend to grow wild and often even through walls and solid structures. Such wild growth can result in weakened building structures. However, in the case of the artificial ivies, you don’t need to worry about wild growth of the landscaping products. Further, you will not require to water, fertilize, cut and trim the ivies to keep the surroundings neat and safe. You will also not require hiring a professional gardener for the upkeep and overall maintenance of the ivies in the case of the artificial ivy mats; making them the perfect decorative items for your building.

Fire Retardant Ivy Mats For The Safety Of Your Building

Another excellent feature of the ivy mats is that these landscaping products are fire retardant. Often architects, interior decorators and landscape artists are apprehensive about installing artificial landscaping products in their projects because most faux plants and trees are not fire proof and are prone to catching fires. The ivy mats on the other hand are completely fire retardant. Special chemicals are injected into the raw materials of the plants that prevent the finished products from going up in flames. Thus, you can install these mats all around your building without having to worry about your building going up in flames or any casualties occurring.

Very Easy To Keep Clean And Dust Free

The artificial ivy mats are very easy to keep dust free and clean. A simple spray of water is enough to keep the mats looking fresh, new and lush green. You don’t need to use any kind of special chemicals or cleaning materials to clean these breathtaking ivy mats.

Custom Made Ivy Mats To Fit Your Specific Requirements

Although the ivy mats come in fixed sizes, in some cases and for bulk orders, the manufacturers can make ivy mats to suit the size requirements of the buyer. You can have your mats manufactured in squares and rectangles and tall mats or short mats depending on the area of the building that you need to cover.

Climate Tolerant And Weather Proof Ivy Mats

Another excellent feature of the ivy mats is that these landscaping products are completely weather proof. The mats can be installed in both indoors and outdoors facilities without any hassles. Special UV stabilizers and high-grade color pigments are used in the manufacturing process of the ivy mats. These pigments and stabilizers ensure that the finished products do not fade or lose their color when installed in outdoor landscapes that are constantly exposed to the harsh rays of the sun. Further, these ivies can also be placed in rainy weather, snowfall or even premises that are constantly air conditioned or have excessive humidity, but they will not get spoilt or deteriorate.

Durable, Long Lasting And Sturdy Landscaping Products

The ivy mats and topiaries are beneficial for building installations because these landscaping products are extremely long lasting, sturdy and durable. One can say that the ivy mats are pretty much damage proof and can last for years on end without even the slightest amount of deterioration. Further, when not in use the ivy mats can be stored away in a storage facility and can be taken out later as per requirement. The ivy mats have a very long shelf life too and will prove to be one of the best long-term investments a buyer can make for décor products.

Affordable And Cost Effective

The reasonable pricing of the ivy mats make them an excellent choice for indoors and outdoors landscaping. Unlike real plants that require constant care and can prove to be very expensive, the artificial ivy wall mats do not burn a hole through your pocket. You can order the plastic ivy leaves in large quantities without overshooting your makeover budget.

Can Be Installed In A Wide Range Of Settings

The ivy outdoor artificial topiary plants and ivy mats can be installed in a wide range of commercial as well as residential settings. Here’s a list of spaces where the plants are often installed:

  • Hotel lobbies, hotel entrances, hotel parking lots, hotel rooms, resorts, casinos, water parks, amusement parks, theme parks and corporate buildings are spaces where the ivy mats are commonly installed.
  • Restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, hospitals, government buildings and old age homes are also spaces that can be decorated thoroughly with the help of these ivy mats.

So, whether you’re looking to hide wall flaws in your building or are just simply looking to add a splash of green in your home or commercial space, the ivy mats are just what you need to give the surroundings a mystical, unique and mesmerizing vibe. Don’t waste another minute and place your orders today. We guarantee you that the ivy mats will be one of the best investments you will ever make!


Hide those ugly wall flaws and décor flaws in your home, commercial or corporate space with these gorgeous, lush green and breathtaking ivy mats and topiaries.