Ashley Furniture and the Fine Art of Loving Your Home


Are you happy with your home? Yes? But wouldn’t you like to enjoy it even more? There’s a furniture company that wants to help you do it. Since 1945, Ashley Furniture has been on a mission: to inspire the love of home. Starting out as a small furniture sales company, Ashley has expanded time and again, adding furniture-making to their repertoire very early on. Now, they’ve grown even more to become the largest furniture manufacturer in the world. Along the way, they’ve provided the furniture that dreams are made of, to people around the globe.


Perfecting the Art of Fine Furniture Making

Ashley has perfected the fine art of making furniture that helps you love your home more than ever before. After joining with Arcadia Furniture, a maker of cabinet commodes, occasional tables, and wall units, the company ventured into the production of bedroom furniture. Later, they added dining room sets, living room furniture, and finally, home décor items, office sets, and bar furniture.

The company has always had a sincere commitment to quality. Their living room furniture features exceptional construction details, from corner-blocked frames to coiled seats and deep, resilient foam cushions. Bedroom sets are built to last, with study wood construction, smooth-gliding drawers, and little extras like button-tufted upholstered headboards or graciously ornamented designs. Dining room sets are well-built as well and have nice details like cabriole legs or bejeweled face hardware.

But Ashley didn’t stop with doing things the old-fashioned way. In 1986, they introduced a new line of products called “Millennium,” which included furniture with a proprietary new finish that’s highly lustrous and amazingly durable. Throughout their 75-year history, the company has always been devoted to providing the most innovative home furnishings to keep up with the needs and desires of the consumer of the times.

Furniture to Suit You… Or Anyone!

Are you a highly individualistic soul who likes to do things their own way? If so, you’re in luck! Ashley Furniture offers just about any kind and style of furniture you would want for your bedroom, dining room, and living room. For the bedroom, you’ll find beautifully designed beds, chests, mirrors and dressers in styles that range from farmhouse style to contemporary. Want to perk up your dining room? With Ashley, you can choose exciting sets with special features, like counter height tables, glass tops, or chairs with classic tufted upholstery. Does your living room need a new lease on life? If so, just check out Ashley’s living room sets, motion upholstery recliners, and of course, their elegant occasional tables.

Creating a suitable space for you and your family, as unique as you are, is easier with Ashley’s magnificent range of home furnishings. Take some time to formulate your vision of what you want your home to be. As you develop your interior design ideas, you can choose Ashley furniture that suits fits your vision to a T. You can buy a complete set of furniture or you can pick and choose individual items to create your own contrasts and complements. Be as detail oriented as you like. Ashley has so many options you’re sure to find pieces that purely fascinate your family and your guests.

Get Real with Ashley!

Buying furniture that stands up to the test of real life is never a problem when you choose Ashley. Need bedroom furniture that holds up to rambunctious children? Ashley’s got you covered with a complete line of kid-friendly furniture in designs that please the daintiest little princess or the most athletic, no-nonsense teenager. Add a trundle, available with many of Ashley’s youth beds, and you have extra space for a sleepover.

Need more storage in your bedroom? That’s an easy fix with Ashley’s many fine storage beds. How about the living room? You can find cocktail tables with shelves or ottomans with storage inside. Go for occasional tables that have drawers to store your reading glasses, extra coasters, and personal items. In the kitchen, you have options galore. You can store pans, utensils, glassware, and china in furniture items that range from china buffets to kitchen islands. And, by now it might not surprise you that Ashley Furniture makes all these kinds of furniture and more.

Now, Let’s Get Down to the Loving Your Home Part!

So, at this point, you might be wondering, “How is all this going to help me love my home more?” Sure, it’s well-built furniture. It’s stylish and attractive. And, it has the features that make it more convenient for you. But how does all that translate into loving your home more than ever before?

Well, let’s say you’ve furnished your entire home with Ashley furniture. You come home from a hard day’s work and settle back into a recliner with cushions so deep you feel you’re in heaven. After you’re nice and relaxed, you slip into your kitchen, getting out the tools you need to prepare the meal easily. When the meal is ready, you take it to your well-furnished dining room, where you enjoy the meal in a pleasant environment with your family. After spending more time chilling on your comfy sofa, you head to the bedroom, where a tranquil ambiance ushers you off to peaceful sleep. All through the day, you’re captivated by the exquisite style and fascinating details you see in the fine furnishings surrounding you. What’s not to love?

What’s even better is that this gracious living can keep going for many years into the future. With its fine quality and enduring styles, you won’t have to replace it anytime soon. And, you won’t be bothered with the uncomfortable and unattractive results of broken-down, torn furniture, either. Plus, this company keeps their furniture prices low, so the cost over time is incredibly inexpensive.

When a furniture company grows to be the largest in the industry, there has to be a very good reason for it. For Ashley, it all boils down to four things: quality, comfort, style, and convenience. And in the end, all these things work together to help you create a home you love more than you ever imagined. In short, Ashley has become a true virtuoso in the art of making beautiful home furniture.