10 Asian Style Bathrooms To Relax Your Mind, Body and Soul


Asian style bathroom designs are one of the bathroom design trends that you should watch out for in this year. These spa like bathrooms will definitely help you relax your mind. body and soul. These bathrooms has become really popular nowadays, mainly because we are living more stressful and busier lives and we need them to help us rejuvenate, rest and revitalize. And since we cannot afford to go to the spa that often, we can bring the spa into your lovely homes.

One of the features of the Asian style bathrooms is the natural appeal of the space. Wood and stone materials are really common because they give a touch of warmth. So, a wooden floor or a stone wall can definitely bring in some positive vibe in the bathroom. When it comes to the bathtub design, they are usually freestanding. And if you want to go to extreme levels of luxury you can go for  a sunken tub with hot jets and whirlpool features. Another really important feature of spa-like bathrooms is the view outside. If your bathroom is overlooking at your backyard, you should definitely get a bigger window. But of course, protected from the outside, so that the ones from outside cannot see you while you are enjoying in a nice bubble bath and drinking your favorite wine. When it comes to color choice, white is definitely the most common color for Asian style bathroom designs, which looks good with those wooden or stone surfaces. Take a look at our wonderful photo collection below to see some Asian style bathrooms and get inspired to add the spa theme into your bathroom. You will for sure love it. Enjoy!

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They look amazing, right? We bet that all of you wish to have such bathroom, where you can completely relax your mind, body and soul and get the feeling of a spa experience. The features that we have mentioned above, are the right ones for spa-like bathrooms. The light plays an important role too, so in order to make the atmosphere a more relaxed and peaceful one, light some candles and dim the lights. Having an Asian style bathroom, will give you the feeling of having your own private relaxing resort, which is definitely a good alternative to going to the spa and spending some extra money. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with our content to find other inspiring ideas for your dream homes.