Attention! Read this Before you Buy Hair Extensions


I’ll be honest with you, in the past, I avoided hair extensions and took glee in being able to spot them in people’s hair. Honestly, who did they think they were fooling with those shiny clips standing out like a sore thumb, or in this case, some fake hair! I decided that all hair extensions were the same, obviously fake and not fooling anyone. That is, until I met a friend who loved her extensions (and they looked great!), and I decided to do a little of my own research. I’m now an utter and complete convert, and I can guarantee you wouldn’t be able to see my hair extensions even if you went looking.

Turns out, there is so much more to hair extensions, and once I dove down the rabbit hole, there was no turning back. Plus, my hair has never looked better! Here’s a look at what hair extensions are and what I have learned along the way:

1. There are so many different types to choose from

I had no idea there were so many different ways to apply hair extensions. Before I started my research, I assumed that clip in was the only method, but in fact, there are clip ins, tapes and hot/cold bonds, as well as halo style. Naturally, each style is suited to the individual and it’s worth doing your homework to find what will work before for you.

Personally, I find the clip in style the easiest and most inconspicuous when I style my hair, but there are pros and cons for each style, and it’s about finding what works best for you.

2. Real is key


Turns out, when I first got my hair extensions, no one noticed I had them. I thought for sure they would be spotted in the first day or two, but I had fuller, longer and healthier looking hair…that wasn’t even mine. The trick is, you want to invest in extensions that are made from human hair so that the extensions blend seamlessly with your own hair.

If you opt for quality hair extensions, you will find ‘Remy Human Hair’ in your search. This is the highest grade of real human hair, where the cuticles are kept intact and aren’t stripped. There you have it – hair extensions that look like real hair because they’re made from real hair!

3. It’s quick and easy

Another misconception I had about hair extensions was that they took a lot of time to get right. Let’s face it, I’m a busy lady and I just don’t have the luxury of spending hours in front of my mirror every morning trying to add hair to my head. 

In recent years, application has become a much simpler and more streamlined process. I found that once you got the hang of it, it was easy to slot into my morning routine without adding too much extra time. There is a process you can follow when putting the clips in, dividing your hair in half, focusing on the bottom half first, then heading to the top. In little time at all, you can have your whole head done and ready, with no clips visible to the discerning eye.

4. Get organized

While it doesn’t take much time to pop your extensions in, you do need to factor in a litte prep work. For example, if you decide to braid your hair overnight to achieve a wavy look the next day, it’s important that you remember to do the same to your hair extensions.

Essentially, you need to think of them the same way you would your natural hair and to provide them with the same love and attention. Pop product through the extensions, make sure they aren’t left wet. They need to be looked after and they’ll keep looking great.  

5. Invest wisely


It would be nice to only need to buy hair extensions once, but eventually, you will need to replace your hair extensions. Of course, the higher the quality of extensions, the longer they will last when properly maintained, and this is precisely why it’s worth investing in a high quality set in the beginning. If you give your quality hair extensions the time and attention they need, they will repay you with fantastic-looking hair. 

6. It’s a deep rabbit hole

Once you get the hang of how to apply and style them, you will be hooked! With hair extensions, the possibilities are endless and it’s a lot easier to experiment with different colours and styles, opting for the balayage effect, or adding highlights to your hair. You can create a messy braid look, add curls or opt for waves. You’re going to love experimenting with new hairstyles each and every day.

 Start exploring the world of possibilities with hair extensions today!