Attic “spaced”: alternative ideas for the part of the home everyone forgets 


When you consider a renovation project for your home, you’re likely to think kitchen, living room, bathroom, master bedroom – you may even consider converting the spare room into a dressing room or home office. However, the likes of the attic and garage can be quickly overlooked. In reality, your attic can prove to be a haven and there are a number of alternative ideas for the part of the home that everyone forgets. Admittedly, embarking on the renovation of your attic can be a mammoth task, but once you have established the route in which to take, it can prove very worthwhile.

Making sure your loft is ready for renovation

Ideally, your loft should be higher than two-metres at the mid-point. If it does happen to be lower, you may wish to reconsider, or contact a specialist company to help you make maximum use of the space – loft ladder installation from Instaloft can really help to make full use of the room with minimal fuss. You should also consider any potential obstacles before you go ahead with any plans, for instance if there’s a water tank or chimney stack, they may need to be moved. Be sure to assess your room also – there may be a steep pitch that limits the height around the room.


Home office

One idea for your loft conversion is a home office. This proves to a popular choice as it can take your loft from storage area to a productive zone where genius business ideas are born. Plus, if you utilise the space for business purposes, you may be able to take a percentage from your monthly bills and count it towards any businesses expenses – another great reason to give your loft conversion the green light.


A home cinema is truly the fantasy of any movie buff. Watching a film in a newly converted loft cinema room is a different experience from watching it in your living room and can rival an authentic trip to the movies. You can truly make this area your own from reclaimed arm chairs, to oversized bean bags; comfort and style with your own unique touch – a genuine throwback to those ‘den days’ of your childhood.


Play area

Speaking of childhood, if you have little ones, a loft can make a great play area for children, not least because it’s self-contained. Generally, play areas only become a viable addition in the event of a home extension – but extensions are expensive nontheless. By converting the space you’ve neglected for years, you can gift your children a play area for the fraction of the cost. You can have peace of mind that they’re playing safe, whilst also have a moment’s peace to yourself!

Additional living room

Extra living space in the loft can make for the ultimate retreat. Of course, we all like to spend time socialising and chilling with family and friends after a long day at work, but time alone to recharge is also very necessary. This doesn’t have to be a fanciful project, you can keep things casual with a simple sofa and armchair, a few books and TV and you’re good to go!