Attract Love by Following These 7 Feng-Shui Tips


If you are single, and looking for a partner, then this article is just for you. You went on so many dates, met a lot of guys/gals, but it seems like no one is for you. You asked your friends for advice, and it seems like they can’t help you either. Maybe the problem isn’t you or those guys. Look deeper in your home. And start analyzing your bedroom from a different angle.

I am giving you 5 helpful tips on how to check your bedroom, and make a change in your life. And your other half will come to you.

1. Declutter your bedroom

You have a lot of furniture, clothes and other things you haven’t use for a while and you still keep them. Try removing them from your sleeping area. You will feel more relaxed and more open to love. Isn’t it a good reason to start now?

2. Colors matter

Colors matter everywhere. You go to shopping malls, the color calls you to buy that piece of cloth, you go to buy some food, again the color gets your attention. And that works for your bedroom too. Red is associated with love and sensuality and adding some red details can keep a balance, but don’t exaggerate with this color, it will lead to anger. And you don’t want that. Besides red, there is one color that actually attracts love, few people know that. According to many feng-shui consultants, this color is really inviting love. You can have your walls colored in pink, get some pink blanket, or some bed sheets, just don’t make your whole room pink. Balance, remember?

3. Symmetrical decorations

Feng-shui consultants can easily spot a bedroom of single people, or people who don’t have luck in love. One chair, one framed photo, one vase. It represents only one person presence. Change that. Get that chair or vase a partner, and they will reward you the same.

4. Choose right photos

It is important to choose the right photos. Photos from your family hanged on the wall is definitely a bad thing. The moment when you cuddle with your partner, you’ll get a feeling that other family members are watching you. Think about it. Paintings or photos from couple kissing each other is far best alternative.

5. Fresh Flowers Only

Fresh flowers are always a good idea. Every flower has its own energy. Can you think what kind of energy spread the dry flowers, or worst, plastic ones? Correct, none. Get a fresh flower from your nearest garden or a flower shop and bring some freshness in the bedroom.

6. Use Candles

With lights-too light, without- too dark. So lighting candles are the best option. Especially if they are scented. Everyone wants their sleeping rooms to smell wonderful. People entering your bedroom as well.

7. Place your bed right

There are a lot of rules when it comes to feng-shui. One of them is placing the bed right. So what is that? You can place the bed where both side are not close to the walls, they have to be open, so the both partners can have equal space. Making space by removing stuffed animals and other pillows is also part of this rule. If you have bigger space, it will attract someone to fill that space.

I know you are reading this because you want to make a change in your love life. But don’t expect these improvements are the only thing you should do. Nobody will knock on the door after these feng-shui tips. This is only the first step. And surely will lead you to many love opportunities.