Average Water Bill in Nowra


Water is a precious resource of life. Without drinking it, we would only survive about 3 days

Plus, we use water to make our lives far more comfortable. Just imagine if you didn’t have enough water to wash your clothes, clean your bathroom, or take a shower every day.

But how much does water cost in Nowra and what are the components of your bill? Read on to find out plus a few tips on how to lower your water bill.

How They Price Water

There are various factors that go into pricing water. 

The first is a fixed charge that everyone pays. There are a few exceptions, such as pensioners who pay a reduced price and vacant lot owners. However, pretty much everyone else has to pay it and there’s no way to reduce it.

The next part of your bill you have a little more control over. This is a price per kiloLitre that you pay based on how much water your household actually uses. For example, the price in Sydney for 2020/21 is $2.35 per kL. 

In times of drought, which is defined as when the dam level drops below 60%, the price per kL rises considerably to encourage water conservation. So, pray for rain and be prepared for an extra high water bill.

A fixed charge for the wastewater and sewerage service is also included in your water bill. 

The Average Household Cost of Water in Nowra

Nowra residents are charged for their water on a quarterly basis. If you’ve recently moved to the area, you may not have received a bill yet and don’t know what to expect. 

An average household typically pays about $300 per quarter or about $1200 per year. It isn’t too expensive in the whole scheme of things, but since the bill comes infrequently, you may need to set aside money in your budget each month to make sure you have enough. 

Saving Money on Your Water Bill

Though you can’t reduce the fixed portion of your bill, you can reduce the amount of water you use to bring the usage charge down. Reduce water bills in Nowra by following these easy tips. 

Only Run Full Loads

Modern laundry machines and dishwashers are designed to wash your clothes and dishes while using the least amount of water possible. However, you defeat the purpose if you run a load that isn’t full. 

Always run full loads to take maximum advantage of the water being used.

In the Bathroom

Opt for a quick shower every day rather than filling up your tub with copious amounts of water. Double up on the savings by using a low-flow showerhead which can reduce the flow rate by about half while still providing a luxurious shower.

Understand Your Water Bill

Are you waiting for your first water bill in Nowra? We hope this information is helpful as you figure out what to expect. It’s always better when you know what’s coming and can be prepared.