Awesome DIY Flower Art Decorations You Can Do In No Time


Flowers are the best decor for any garden. Besides growing them you can create some interesting flower art decorations out of some old stuff. They will beautify your garden and will bloom throughout  the year without requiring any special care. Below, we have made a collection of several Awesome DIY Flower Art Decorations You Can Do In No Time. 

All of these DIY projects are easy to be done and they won’t cost you much since you can recycle some old stuff. Such stuff can be some old licence plates, spoons, bottle caps, wine bottles, shovels, old tires, soda cans etc. Check them out and choose which one you will try to do to beautify your garden. Enjoy!

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Licence Plates Flowers

Licence plates are mainly used for numbering the vehicles, but they can be also used  for creating some decorations for the home or the garden. So, how about you take several of them and make a beautiful flower art?

licence plates flower
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Bottle Cap Flowers

There are many crafts that you can do with bottle caps and one of them can be to create flower art decor for the garden. So, the next time you open that beer, don’t throw away the cap.

bottle cap flowers
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Glass Garden Flowers

Glass garden flowers can be made out of recycled glass and metal dishes, plates, cups etc. Arrange the dishes in layers, with the largest plates forming the back of the flower and the smallest ones at the front.

glass garden art flowers
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Spoon Flower

Another way to make a garden flower art is with the use of several spoons.

spoon flower
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Wine Bottle Flowers

Wine bottles are also used for many recycling projects and one of them can be to create some eye-catching art flowers for the garden.

Wine-Bottle-Flowers (1)
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Soda Can Flowers

And here is an idea of how to make beautiful flower art decorations out of soda cans that will beautify your garden throughout the year.

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Scrap Metal Flowers

Flowers can be also made of some scrap metal and wooden stakes. The parts are kept together with a decorative knob at the center of each flower which provides a pop of color too.

scrap metal flowers
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Shovel Flower

Shovels can be also arranged in the form of a flower.

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DIY Flower Art Out Of Garden Hose And Bundt Pans

And if there are some garden hoses that you don’t use, you can create some flower art out of them and some bundt pants.

flower art
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Bicycle Wheel Flowers

Bicycle wheels are often used as part of home or garden decor. Paint them in some vibrant colors and let them “bloom” in your garden.

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Hubcap Flowers

Hubcaps can be turned into an interesting flower art by painting them.

flower art
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DIY Garden Fence Flower Folk Art Display

This flower art display is made out of several old wall hangings, flattened iron pieces, wreaths and flat baskets. Find out how you can do it on the link below the photo.

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DIY Flower Art Decorations Out Of Aluminium Cans

Aluminium cans can be easily transformed in so many different way, so you may try to use it for creating some flowers.

alluminium can
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Old Tire Flower Art

And here is one more idea of how to make a beautiful flower art out of several old tires.

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So, which one of these flower art decorations you will try to do and thus beautify your garden? Tell us in the comments and don’t forget to stay up to date with our content to find many other awesome decorations for the garden.