Awesome Halloween Mantel Decor Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind


We have already shared with you some ideas about how to decorate your home for the upcoming holiday, but there are more coming since we want you to have lots of ideas in order to choose the best ones. When we are thinking about festive decorations, the first thing that we have in mind is the mantelpiece. This is the part of the home that is always embellished in some way. Halloween is no exception, and here I have collected you some eye-catching and scary DIY designs that you can do at this time of the years. Scroll down and don’t miss the Awesome Halloween Mantel Decor Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind. I’m sure that you are going to like every single one of them and it will be hard for you to pick a favorite!

Remember that the key factors that can make or break these decor ideas is the lightening. They can look completely different during the day and night. Make sure you put some candles behind the decorative pieces so they can look spookier.

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You need a big mirror, so people can look in it and scare themselves out of their own scary look. It’s a piece of decor that will reflect everything in the room, so this means it’s a must!

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The white pumpkins in combination with black decorative pieces look really terrifying, so you may want to leave behind the orange ones this year.

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Think about add several black birds to the overall Halloween look of your mantel since they convey images of fear and solitary.

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Bats and skeletons should also be a part from your mantelpiece decor. You don’t always have to run to the store to get them. Instead, be creative, get a paper and cut out different forms.

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Use burlap to make Halloween banners for very little money. Decorations don’t always have to be expensive!

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The small blackboard can come in handy for the holiday decor too. Use it to write the Halloween messages on it and see how it fits perfectly well with the rest of decorations.

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Go outside and take some branches. I really love the ambiance they make for Halloween. The black birds really have the magic to make everything look much more scary than it is.

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Since the letter decorations are really popular, get down to work and make the word BOO which you will later add to the mantel.

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The bigger the decoration the scarier the look!

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If you don’t like those spooky looks, then you should use tons of lively colors to make some interesting decorations. How do you like the design below?

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Yeah, don’t forget spiders and webs! They are just the perfect fit for the Halloween mantel! Which is the idea that you loved the best? Let me know in the comments below!

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