Babies and Puppies are Best Friends


Today, we chose several great pictures where you will be able to see some adorable babies and puppies. These professional baby pictures really capture the essence of baby – puppy love. It is said that babies and puppies are best friends, and that can be achieved if you introduce them in the right way. Babies and puppies have some positive benefits besides the furry love. According to some researches, the babies who grow up with puppies have less chance to develop allergy to dogs when they grow up.

Puppies are curious about babies because of the many interesting smells around the baby, like milk, baby food and even poop. But you always must pay attention to upbringing your baby with a puppy, because puppies can be also scared from babies. For example, that can happen if the baby is chasing the little puppy all the time and tries to pull his tail. Also there is a chance for the baby to provoke anger at the puppy if they keep playing with the dog toys or trying to explore the puppy’s food bowl.

All in all, the pictures below will show you the love between the babies and puppies. Both of them are so adorable and I am sure that you will love them. Enjoy!

Adorable Babies and Puppies








Baby and Puppies