Baby Shower Registry Tips for first-Time Expectant Couples


Hosting a baby shower is an opportunity for expectant parents to celebrate the upcoming arrival of their newborn with friends and family. It’s an occasion filled with laughter, love, and good times. As you iron out baby shower details, including the venue, menu, and entertainment, you mustn’t forget to create a registry. Although your loved ones’ presence is enough, people enjoy giving the parents gifts. Ultimately, the baby registry provides guests with a detailed list of options. 

Benefits Of A Baby Registry

A baby registry is beneficial for expectant couples and shower guests. It’s an itemized list of products and services you’d like to receive as gifts. A registry enables expectant parents to select the things they want instead of getting something they don’t like, already have, or don’t need. For guests, it takes the guesswork out of choosing a present. Lastly, a registry enables loved ones to select something meaningful within a price range they can afford. 

Are you ready to create your baby registry? If so, continue reading for some practical tips. 

Online Vs. In-Store Registries

Expectant couples have two methods to create a registry. They can visit their favorite retailer and utilize their in-store process or create a registry online. While either option will suffice, there are some differences between the two you should consider. 

Visiting in person can only be done during business hours. Some stores provide couples with a scanner to walk around and mark anything they want on their registry. If your schedules are often hectic, this may not be an ideal option. 

Online baby registries can be completed 24/7. You can visit the sites of the brands you prefer or opt for a specialized platform that enables you to add items from multiple locations to one platform. Some sites have features that allow couples to manage everything from the baby shower invitations and guest list to creating and monitoring a registry. 

Choose Multiple Retailers

No matter how you decide to set up your baby registry, select more than one retailer. Doing this ensures that your guests can access multiple options, more extensive inventories, and affordable price ranges. More retailers also give expectant parents a better variety of baby products to consider. As you decide which stores you prefer, keep factors like accessibility and convenience. Your guests shouldn’t have to travel far or go over budget to buy a gift. Therefore, a major brand with multiple locations or online shopping options is ideal. 

Include Staple Registry Items

Now that you’ve decided on the best method to create a baby registry and selected your retailers, you’re ready to begin building your list. Although you have many options to consider, it’s best to start with staple baby products. You’ll need these things most frequently to care for your newborn. Some suggestions include the following: 

  • Diaper Bags – Leaving home without your baby’s essential items can present challenges. A baby diaper bag enables parents to carry everything from bottles and and infant milk formula to diapers and wipes. Ultimately, it’s a necessary item you don’t want to leave off your registry. 
  • Bottles – If there is one thing, your baby will need a lot of it’s bottles. Add multiple sizes and types of bottles to accommodate your child’s needs as they get older. For instance, a two to four-ounce bottle is ideal for a newborn but not large enough for a six-month-old baby. Placing both sizes on the registry ensures you have everything covered.
  • Diapers – Did you know that newborns use approximately ten diapers daily during their first three months? As diapers can be expensive, expectant parents should add these to the registry. 
  • Bibs And Blankets – From catching drool and cleaning throw-up to burning and swaddling your baby, bibs and receiving blankets are registry must-haves. 

Add Something For Yourself

Finally, don’t forget about yourself when thinking of things to add to the baby registry. Although your bundle of joy is the star of the show, expectant parents deserve to be celebrated as well. You are about to embark on one of your life’s most challenging yet rewarding experiences. Why not ask for things that can help make parenthood easier to manage? 

Whether it’s meal delivery services to save you time and money on cooking, a bra for breastfeeding, or some scented candles to help calm your nerves on a stressful day, it ultimately helps you in the initial stages of parenting. So, without going overboard, feel free to add a few items for yourself. 

When planning a baby shower, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the decorations, activities, and menu. Although these are essential factors, expectant parents must invest time and effort into creating a baby registry. It’s a critical component that gets you the things you need most and takes the guesswork out of gift-buying for guests. If this is your first time, use the advice above to help you get started.