Backyard Pool Safety Tips


It’s no secret that, owning a pool provides a great source of fun and benefits , but there is also a lot of responsibilities to attend to. In as much as when the summer heat hits us, we rush to find refuge in a pool or some beach somewhere; it’s worth noting that accidents happen all the time and you can only be too careful. Even though backyard pools are convenient for unwinding and relaxing with loved ones, there are several risks involved. That’s why I have compiled a few safety tips to help you and your family to stay safe throughout the summer and all around the year while at your pool. Check out the following safety tips;

Keep your children within arm’s reach

Close supervision is the best way to ensure your kids are safe through the entire time. Something that many people fail to realize is that drowning can occur in about 10 seconds. So imagine what happens when your phone rings and you go to pick it up without knowing where your kid is. Chances are they’ll end up drowning. So make sure you have undivided attention when out in the pool with children.


Put some pool rules in place

Your backyard pool is strictly your responsibility, and you are liable to everything that happens there because unlike public pools you are less likely to have a lifeguard always available. Therefore setting some pool rules is a good safety measure. You can, for instance, let the kids know that the pool is out of bounce whenever there is no adult supervision, prohibit walking on the deck, diving should only be done at areas that are deep enough and no going near the pool drain.

Install a fence

Installing a fence around your backyard pool can be a necessary safety tip especially when your kids are stubborn and keep on sneaking into the pool. It could be the only way to guarantee their safety instead of assuming they’ll take your word.

Ensure the pool is clean at all times

Pool maintenance is not an easy task and requires a lot of dedication and effort. Dirt in the pool reduces visibility remarkably, and that could lead to many cases of drowning especially for the small children. Also if the pool is dirty, it becomes easier to get sick through various infections. Earaches, for instance, are a common trend among children due to improper pool maintenance.

Make sure there are floatation devices around your pool

Sometimes even the best swimmers may need the help of a floatation device, and if there’s none, chances of drowning become remarkably high. Also if someone is drowning, it is much easier to help them if you have a floatation device. What’s more is that they are affordable and you don’t have to spend a fortune to own one.

Swimming is fun and exciting especially when you have a backyard pool where you can have fun at home with your family. Not only do you come together and enjoy each other’s company, but you also get to improve the atmosphere around the house and enhance your connection. However, the experience can go wrong if one of your drowned or something terrible happened to them. That’s why safety tips to refer to at any time are quite instrumental. Stay safe and look out for your loved ones.