Your Bag can Carry it All


I always want to carry a piece of my home whenever I go out. It makes me feel safe and complete. But then almost every second thing seems essential. Which is why I end up exceeding zip-closure limit on my bag. Well to avoid stretching your bags beyond their elastic limit, and not to put their tensile strength to test, it is better to opt for a big spacious, compartmentalized, rucksack. Add some complicated pockets, give it finishing and attach soft straps, and you have your perfect bag ready.

Canvas backpack has all what you need when you step out of your house. Heading out to work, or driving up to a friends for outing, you’d always grab your bag. Specifically designed for you the most convenient and fit-to-go bags for any such occasion. Now you have space and style in one. Where all your quick access equipment can easily be carried in just one bag. With a fine leather finish, adjustable straps and latest trending design, you’ll turn gaze your way wherever you go. If you are looking for comfort and fashion, this is going to be your first stop.

Bag is one decent and essential accessory for men. When it fulfils needs, holds all on-trip baggage, and is way better than a big bulky briefcase, you call it the backpack. The diversity of style and wide range of colors available is definitely a catch. These quality ensured, vast variety of bags are undoubtedly a must for travelers across the world.

A canvas bag is multipurpose. With its special design and casual built, it can work on both, a trip to the beach and a busy day at college. It has all the features you need.

  • Material: Canvas
  • Colors: range from black, grays and army green to beige and brown
  • Pockets: cellphone pocket, zipper pockets, laptop pockets
  • Exterior: solid
  • Design: casual, outdoor, school, college, trendy
  • Lining: soft cotton texture
  • Special feature: hidden zipper pocket, credential pocket
  • Straps: double shoulder straps
  • Other: zipper and hasp closures, may have buckles as well

So basically when you’re using them as travel bags all your basic stuff, things you need can fit in along with your handy clothes. The material is flexible, the strap adjustable. You can hold it, you can hang it, which is why it can be carried Anywhere Anytime!

Why is it a Truly-well-made bag?

It is constructed with good quality canvas, and has leather detailing of a complementing shade. The metal brass finishes give them an antique touch. The pockets on the flanks and front, are for tiny equipment you may need anytime. The straps made of leather ensure the strength and durability. Zip or draw string top, cotton lining, and the variety of pockets all make it very user friendly. In short be it your papers, books, gadgets, or your gym gear, travel items or clothing, your backpack will carry it all.

People who would definitely need a backpack

Travelers, Journalists, Young Urban Professional are few who cannot function without a decent backpack. Travelers can stuff all their stuff in one bag and carry it around with ease and with their hands free. A reporter, investigator, photographer all need to run, bend, go to places with conflicts or functions and always be ready to rush to a new place or catch a flight. A backpack becomes a perfect travelling kit. With easy access pockets and everything in one place, you are always ready to be on the go. Since companies have evolved to provide their employees an environment of comfort, briefcases aren’t a compulsory accessory.

So a more laidback and casual office attire is easily paired with a backpack of latest design. It is trendy, even for women. These go so well with a cool chic style and since the arrival of leather fashion backpacks in stores, women all across the world have embraced this new trend. Jeans and tees, on a fine Monday morning, with your laptop and those files safely hung on your back, coffee in one hand and your to-dos list on screen in your other hand, you could make it to the magazine cover easily.

Unisex Models

These are trending. The idea is that men and women have similar needs, with respect to style, usefulness and comfort when it comes to choosing a backpack for work, tour, or gym. It personally attracts me because this breaks stereotypes and ends gender prejudice.

So you got flexibility, versatility, design, space and all you need in one place. That’s the purpose that backpacks were designed to serve. You buy one of these and I ensure you, they will become your first choice eventually on almost every time you step out of the house. A backpack defines your choice and personality. Choose wisely.