Bar Furniture Breakdown – How to Create an Appealing Bar Environment


It can be hard to summarise exactly why your favourite bar has been awarded that privilege, as there is likely not one defining thing that makes it so special. It’s typically a collection of things that creates a vibe that attracts you to its doors and makes it your first choice when it comes to celebrating with friends. If you manage or own a bar, you’re always looking to learn about what your potential patrons are looking for and what resonates with your interests and style. Bar furniture has a lot to do with these feelings, so let’s discuss how you can create an appealing bar environment.

Dynamic bar furniture

If a bar has uncomfortable and inflexible bar furniture, then a group won’t stick around too long. It seems simple in theory, but how often have you found yourself at a table that is poorly proportioned making it impractical to eat from those chairs and tables. Similarly, space needs to be taken into consideration when populating the bar area with furniture. Sure, bench seating looks great, but if you are limited on space then you might not get a group booking wanting to sit at that table if it’s going to be impossible for them to get in and out throughout their stay. If you are upgrading your bar furniture to create an appealing environment, think about the flow and practicality of the furniture.

Outdoor bar furniture

No matter what your bar identifies as in style and format, it’s never a bad idea to have indoor and outdoor bar options. An outdoor bar scene is a marketing strategy in itself, as passers-by can see the appealing environment and get a sense of what to expect without needing to come inside. It also puts you in a great position on those days where the weather is fantastic and people only want to be eating and drinking while basking in the outdoors. If you are pursuing this as an option in your bar, be sure to choose durable bar furniture that will withstand the sun and the rain if uncovered.

Child-friendly bar furniture

Children are a fact of life, and parents are beginning to balance their social lives as parents so that they can do it all. Catering to the needs of all guests will score your some parent inclusivity points, and even those without children will make a mental note that this is a place to recommend for those with children, or to visit when they have their own. Now, this doesn’t mean you need to convert your restaurant into a Day Care, you can simply find quality highchairs that will seamlessly slip into your dynamic bar furniture and leave it at that. If the idea of too many children is making you uneasy, you can always let these bookings know that after a certain point in the day you can’t take these bookings as the lighting and volume levels will change in preparation for the evening.

Consider a bar furniture grid

Successful bars have become that way with regular reviewing and optimising of their operation. A bar grid is not uncommon, as it aggregates different seating options to different parts of the venue. For example, those who are at the bar to dine might be on one side of the venue, whereas those in small numbers who are drinking might be at the bar stools near the dance floor. While you can’t necessarily tell people where to sit, if you establish different zones for different patron types, this will logically occur anyway.

An amazing bar environment will not always happen overnight, and usually comes about after some learning on your part about who and how your patrons interact with the bar. Bar furniture has a huge role to play here, so ensure you do not skimp on this important factor.