Bathroom decoration trends for 2017


How many times before have you actually put some effort in bathroom décor? Truthfully, most people tend to deal with really big projects first, so when it comes to smaller rooms like bathrooms, they always end up in overshadowed. Well, the way your bathroom looks can significantly influence your mood and energy levels as you try to relax after a long day, or hurry up and get ready in the morning. In that respect, it deserves all your attention. Take a look at some of the most popular bathroom decorating trends for 2017 and allow yourself to feel inspired.

Natural materials

Recently, more and more people are opting for natural materials when it comes to their floors and walls in bathrooms. In 2017, this trend is only about to get stronger. Basically, you won’t even have to choose between the two most popular materials that are wood and stone, because it seems that combining them together is going to be all the rage. Of course, if such investment is impossible for you, you can always opt for a budget-friendly alternative that involves vinyl wallpaper which depicts wood and stone.

Bright colors

Your average bathroom usually features colors such as blue, white, light green and light pink or yellow in smaller degree. Also, one color is treated as dominant. Well, 2017 trends are going to change all that. Pops of color and bright shades have found their way to bathroom décor as well. The best way to ensure this interesting twist is by using tiles of different colors and patterns. Of course, if such renovation work is not possible, feel free to introduce the color with details such as curtains, or even paint some of the accessories in a nice vibrant shade.

Turn it Zen

Japanese design trend has been really popular for interior décor in recent years, so much so that 2017 seems very promising when it comes to Zen-inspired bathrooms as well. Apart from already mentioned wood décor, Zen-like bathrooms are characterized with simplistic lines and sleek forms. Transparent showers and stand-alone tubs, sinks and cabinets combined together, effective use of lighting and details such as top quality rugs and lavish plants are all part of this incredibly calming and aesthetically pleasing décor style.

Vanity bathroom

Those lucky enough to have larger bathroom in their home also have a lot more possibilities when it comes to décor. Sometimes though, the number of choices can actually feel a lot more confusing and pressuring. So why not opt for a unique vanity-inspired look for the whole bathroom? Basically, transform all areas that don’t involve sink, tubs/showers, toilet, etc. into a big vanity space. If you have room for a comfy chair, vanity table and a really big mirror, by all means, go for it. The bathroom space that allows you to take care of your appearance right after taking a shower/bath will significantly upgrade your beauty routine and make it feel a lot more fulfilling and enjoyable.

When it comes to 2017 bathroom trends, remember to think outside of the box. Your bathroom may not look anything special right now, but with smart tweaks here and there, you can effectively transform it to match the rest of your home décor as well as your personality. It’s all about what makes you feel most comfortable and relaxed.