Bathroom decorations trends in 2020


What do you think, which room we use the most and brings us maximum physical and mental pleasures? You will probably think of the kitchen and the bedroom first. But when was the last time you came home after a hard day and wanted to go to the kitchen or the bedroom? The bathroom is more than maintaining hygiene because everyone can wash, but not everyone can enjoy the process.


Given the importance of the bathroom in the house, it is important that it is functional and made of the quality and durable materials, but also in trend. New ideas for decorating are always coming up and trends and technologies always change. As a result, we have dozens of ways of how to decorate our bathroom, but today we will give you 11 tips to help you with your new decorations for your bathroom.

Brass in the bathroom

The bathroom is basically dominated by chrome faucets. But lately, brass is a great alternative that fits perfectly in a modern, classic, and rustic bathrooms.

Quartz surfaces

Instead of granite, you can install quartz plates that are unique and exist in many variations. With that, you can create your own design and your bathroom will be one of a kind. In addition to that, quartz plates are available anywhere on the market.

Stone sink and utensils

The bathroom can be modern, classic, minimalist, or rustic. The stone sinks can give the space a unique character and atmosphere. With this change, you will have a new bathroom style and vibe.


Bathroom with two colors and wooden texture

Instead of a completely white bathroom, you can combine two colours or split the bathroom. For example, you can place white cabinets on top on one wall dye the wall below them a darker shade. In addition to that, you can add some natural textures such as wood in your bathroom. And the good thing is that you can create a million colour combinations and create the bathroom by your own taste.

Bathroom furniture in deep blue tones

Painted surfaces are becoming very popular and also colours like sky blue, turquoise, and deep purple. Adding furniture with these colours in your bathroom will add a certain finesse. Choosing these colours for your bathroom can be an exciting and great choice.

Antique floor look

The times of the old-fashioned tiled floors are back in trend. The fun things that this tiled floors can be matched with any style of decorations, which makes them a very practical choice. Tiny hexagonal tiles with contrasting patterns and monochrome are great examples of a retro look.

Tiles with looking texture and strong patterns

Cement, terracotta, or Moroccan tiles create a luxurious impression in the bathroom. They are reminiscent of traditional ways of decorating. These tiles often have a higher price range. So if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can place them only up to half the wall. Furthermore, you can create a striking tile zone just behind the sink. The bathroom will look stunning and have a finesse.

Dark colors in the bathroom

The trend of dark, saturated, and dramatic colours never go out of trend. This year it mostly used for an elegant look for the bathroom. For example, you can balance the dark colours with bright white furniture in the bathroom and with gold features. That will give the bathroom an extravagant look and elegance.

Rustic or industrial elements

The exposed pipes in the bathroom is a great way to bring in the industrial details and introduce texture elements in that space. For example, you can add slightly worn out wood, exposed bricks, and concrete details to the bathroom. That will give a rustic and classic look to your bathroom.

Vintage pieces of furniture

Antique cabinets can be used as a stand for installing a sink in the bathroom. As a result, it will give the bathroom charm and character, especially if the rest of the decorations are simple and minimalist. If you have enough space in the bathroom, you can place beautiful older cabinets as storage space for cosmetics, extra towels, and hygiene items.


Round mirror

It is a great way to soften the sharp lines of a modern bathroom. By placing around an oversized reflective round mirror, the bathroom will look fancier and it will give a beautiful reflection.