Bathroom Trends Taking Over the World by Storm


In simpler times, we didn’t need fancy magazines and famous interior designers to tell us what to do with our bathrooms; we just went for all white. But bathrooms don’t have to be all white and boring. It takes only one cursory look at the newest bathroom trends to see that they are here to make this otherwise rather sterile and monotonous room exciting and fabulous. And why wouldn’t they? When it comes to décor, your bathroom deserves no less attention than the other rooms in your house. So, if you have decided to renovate the bathroom and need a few ideas to get started, here are a couple of the most prominent 2017 trends to spark your imagination.

Return to the organic

This is a trend that is present for some time now in all aspects of interior design, perhaps because of the separation from nature that we are experiencing in this modern time. Whatever the reasoning behind it is, it can add a lot of good things to your bathroom. There are several ways to introduce a breath of nature in your bathroom. Using wood seems to be the most logical one. You can use it for floors, vanities, and showers, or for a subtle touch – a wooden bath tray. Other materials that can contribute to the organic look are stone, brick, cork and bamboo.

Seamless transitions

One set of tiles for the floor and one for the walls – it’s the way things have always been done. Not this year, though. Although the previous practice did make the room more dynamic, the new one that insists on the continuity between the shapes and colors of the wall and floor tiles creates a balance and natural flow, which makes the room more elegant and simple while still keeping it playful.

Rediscovering clay

Another organic material that deserves a paragraph of its own is clay. Clay and water have always had a close relationship, mostly because the oldest water containers were made of this material. Now, it has finally found its way back into the bathroom – in the form of water-dispensing products and bathroom accessories.

Clean lines and minimalism

One of the most prominent housing trends today is downsizing. Houses and apartments are getting smaller and urban dwellings are at the very forefront of this revolution. This requires saving and using every square inch, and bathrooms are where we save the most. Because of that, most of the bathroom fixtures sold today are small and simple. If you are in favor of such characteristics, consider shopping for complete bathroom packages to save money and acquire complementary products.

Darker colors

White bathrooms can be very boring, but luckily, it is not written in stone that bathrooms have to be painted in light shades. In fact, dark bathrooms, even black, can look amazingly elegant and bold, if you design them properly. It is essential to find the right shade (charcoal gray, for example), pattern and measure. Of course, it is also important to complement your color with lighter (e.g. pastel) or metallic (e.g. gold) hues.

Brass comeback

Speaking of metallic tones, one that has been gone for a while has found its way back to our bathrooms. It came all the way from the ‘70s to spice up our bathrooms with that oldie-but-goodie charm and aesthetics. Although it looks marvelous in every possible way, brass reaches its full glory when combined with noble marble and other natural stone products.

Timeless elegance

Some things can never go out of style, and sometimes it is better to stick to what you know will always look good than to experiment with trends that will go away the very next year. With historical dramas being as popular as ever, it is only natural to opt for a historical bathroom. Naturally, first you have to decide on the period. Some that are known for their timeless elegance are Victorian and Edwardian, but the recent geometry-craze has also popularized Art Deco. This trend encourages you to acquire original pieces and restore them, and you can even add several modern touches with quality fixtures such as power showers.

Centerpiece showers

Although freestanding tubs are still a trend, they haven’t managed to push the showers aside. The new show-stopping showers will make your jaw drop every time you enter the bathroom. Instead of an ordinary small shower, people are choosing to install a flush-to-floor walk-in shower or a complete wet room, which gives the bathroom a luxurious spa-like feel. It creates a perfectly indulgent showering experience while at the same time reducing the tripping hazards – what a fusion of beautiful and useful.

Texture on the walls

Another way to make the bathroom feel more glamorous is to add some texture to it. Considering the fact that the walls offer you the most space and freedom to do that, you can introduce tiles with different geometric patterns, textured wallpaper or split face stone. If you don’t want your entire bathroom to be in the same pattern, you can stay within the limits of the shower.

Striking lighting

You bathroom lighting must be very efficient, but that doesn’t mean it can’t serve as a décor too. The task lights in the shower and around the mirror must serve their purpose, and there is not much that can be done with them when it comes to aesthetics. On the other hand, you can use the ceiling fixture to make a striking impression. Depending on your bathroom style, you can go for a Scandinavian décor-inspired bell-shaped metallic lamp, an industrial-style iron fixture or a luxurious Victorian era crystal chandelier.

A variety of finishes

The choice of bathroom finishes is richer than ever. Although polished surfaces stand strong against the trends, there will be a rise in popularity of matte surfaces, which will be used independently or in combination with the polished finishes. Natural textures will also make their entrance, so we will be seeing a lot of oak, bamboo, granite, dark timber, marble and sandstone. Another sought-after finish will be terrazzo, which is known for giving a lot of character to the décor.

Matte tapware

Gold, brass, copper and rose gold are great choices for bathroom tapware, especially if you want to make a strong contrast between the shades of the bathroom. However, if you are aiming for a modern, simplistic and clean look, you can also choose matte black tapware, which is currently all the rage. This option gives you a lot of versatility when it comes to styling, and it produces stunning results.

Large showerheads

A quick shower and you’re good to go? Not really. Bathrooms should be places of indulgence where you can actually refresh and relax. This is the reason why so-called rain showerheads will continue to dominate the market. Not only do they offer an unparalleled aesthetic appeal, but they also provide you with a cascading waterfall sensation similar to the one you experience in the rain – only with them, you can adjust the water temperature to your wishes.

These thirteen bathroom trends will continue to be strong, not only this year, but also in the years to come. Therefore, if you are planning on remodeling your bathroom anytime soon, you won’t make a mistake if you choose one or more of the above-mentioned options.