Be Energetic When Making a Pitch to Win the Hearts of Potential Investors


You need to possess different qualities when making a speech to pitch your ideas to potential investors. One of the best qualities you need to have is being energetic. You can’t step into the room feeling weak. You will show that you feel lost, and you might feel like giving up, even before you start pitching your ideas.

Even if you feel sick or tired, you need to fake your energy, because it is contagious. When you show that you are happy and energized about presenting to these potential investors, they will feel your spirit. You can easily convince them to buy what you are selling when you feel excited about sharing your thoughts with them.


Believe in what you say

The key to being energetic is believing in what you say. Sometimes, it is difficult to fake your energy if you don’t like what you are saying. You don’t believe in your ideas, and you think your products are not worth it. If you can’t believe in the ideas you present, you can’t convince others to feel positive about what you are offering. You should only start pitching when you have something you can be proud of showing to them.

Think happy thoughts

You might have lots of problems and issues in life, but when it is time to pitch your ideas, you need to show that you are optimistic. Put any negative thoughts aside before the meeting and think of happy memories to give you the energy required for a quality pitch.

Think of your goal

You are pitching these ideas because you want to grow the business. You also want to promote the brand, and the people in the meeting room might be critical to your success. You need to keep that in mind if you’re going to feel energetic. Seeing you achieving the goal will push you to do your best during the presentation.

Know what you say

It is okay to feel nervous when pitching ideas. You don’t know if the people will be receptive to your thoughts. You might also worry that you will feel humiliated while you speak. To help control your fear, you need to prepare well. You need to research thoroughly and know the kind of business you want to grow.

You also need to use a presentation folder to ensure that the listeners will follow what you say. You only need an A4 folder with content that summarizes everything that you mention. Once you feel confident about the flow of your thoughts, it will be easy for you to stay energetic until the end. Even when facing tough questions, you will remain resolute.  

As soon as you set a date to pitch the ideas to potential investors, you need to start researching. Take your time in selecting the right words to convince others to believe what you say. Sleep well the night before the presentation so that you have the necessary energy to get you through the finish line.