Beautiful Color Trends for Any Winter Wedding


Winter weddings are some of the most beautiful, despite the weather being cold, spirits are always warm, and the pictures look even better. Despite snow typically ruining our everyday life, when it comes to our wedding, every bride dreams of a winter wonderland for her big day.  This is especially true if you love a winter wedding. Picture the scene, the crisp white snow under your feet, the love of your life locking eyes with you from across the way, your wedding day has arrived. It’s inevitable that your winter wedding will be cold, but it isn’t a worry when the guests are merry and happy celebrating your special day.

Since you’re having a winter wedding, there are certain trends you may want to abide by. They’re not for everyone, and we understand that but having a theme or color palette to work with can make your job as a bride and wedding planner, a lot easier. You don’t want to be stressing about the smallest things when it comes to your wedding. Below we have listed some color trends for any winter wedding you may want to consider, they’re all unique and beautiful in their own way and you’re going to love them all.


Frosted Pastels

Who doesn’t love a frosted pastel color for their big day? Apparently, the bride will wear something a little more traditional (if that’s what they want!) but we’re talking about the overall theme and bridal party here. Pastel colors are the perfect choice if you wish to some elegant and classic, whether you opt for a blue or pink, it looks just as lovely. The frosted element comes with the lighter color you choose, you would typically select a color with more ‘pop’ but choosing a pastel option means you’re opting to stay more in theme with the wonderland dream.

White Winter Wonderland

As the bride, you may wear white or ivory on your big day, but what’s to say no one else can either? A nice touch is having white flower girl dresses and all of your decorations coinciding with the white theme. Everyone can wear the colors they wish, but white is genuinely the winter wonderland color. If you’re choosing this theme, we would suggest putting your bridesmaids in a light color but something that doesn’t stand out too much such as baby pastel blue, or even light gray.

Tartan Warmth

Why not bring a little bit of fall warmth into your winter wedding? Tartan or red style themes are a real trend for colder seasonal weddings as they tend to contrast the weather and overall feel.

The warmth is seen as a beautiful touch to top off the wedding perfectly. Many couples choose to have a tartan warmth theme at their wedding and even have their venue decorated with matching creations. This theme is JJ’s House designer, Jessica’s, favorite choice out of them all. She says “It’s always refreshing to see brides do something unique with their day, there are too many couples choosing to stay with the boring, old traditions these days. It should be about doing what you want and what looks amazing too!”

Midnight Sparkle

Another popular choice amongst winter brides is a dark theme to their big day, you need to be very careful when you’re thinking about the midnight element of this choice but also make sure to add the sparkle. You may choose to put your bridesmaids in navy or dark brown, but ensure they have some lovely accessories or sparkle extras to ensure everything still works well together. Darker colors are a trend, and they probably will be for the future too, they’re a staple for many winter wedding couples.