Beautiful DIY Doormats That Will Add A Fun Twist To Your Entry Door


People seem to be coming to conclusions too quickly, and they form they opinions immediately. So what do you want them to see when they come to visit you? What’s the image that you wish to convey from your front door? Paying attention to details is really important, and the doormat is not an exception. In this article I’m going to share with you some Beautiful DIY Doormats That Will Add A Fun Twist To Your Entry Door. I assure you that when people come to your house, they will be taken aback with those fun doormats for sure. Check them out and see which design depicts the best picture about you!

DIY Hose Doormat

When your hose becomes useless and broken, it’s time to turn into something else and give it a brand new use. Have you ever thought about turning it into a doormat? Maybe not for your entry door, but it would be just perfect for your garden door!

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DIY Stone Doormat

If you are lover of small stones and pebbles, this is definitely going to be your thing. You just have to get a plain doormat and a glue gun to attach the stones to it. Think creatively next time when you go to the beach!

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DIY Fabric Doormat

There are plenty of old clothes that we don’t wear anymore, so get as much as you can in different colors and get down to work to create such a stunning doormat as the one below.

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DIY Wooden Doormats

Wood is the most appreciated material when it comes to home decor and architecture, so why don’t you use wood to make your next doormat? You can paint it in the color you like the most and that will fit with the rest of the decor the best!

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You can also use washi tape to decorate it if you are not much into painting. This idea seems to be easier since you won’t make a mess with the paint. What do you think about it?

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DIY Doormats with a Message

Personalized items are really popular and everyone who wants to look cool should go for them. Would you like to have a personal message printed on your doormat? It’s such an easy and quick task. All you need is a plain doormat and paint or spray. The possibilities are truly endless!

Write “HI” on your doormat and welcome everyone in a fun way. I really love the design. How about you?

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The social media and all that tagging and checking into places are popular with people of all ages, so check their location by writing “YOU ARE HERE” on your doormat. This crafts is definitely going to make many people smile.

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You can also paint dots and stripes on the doormat. It’s up to your preferences and style!

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Which DIY doormat design do you like the most? Keep me posted in the comments below!