Bedroom style ideas for 2021


This year if you’re planning to redecorate there are so many styles to choose from and if you want to create your perfect boudoir then be sure to check out all the different ways you can. Whether you adore bright colours or prefer pastel tones there is a style to suit you perfectly.

British colonial 

This year has seen a wide range of styles some old, some new but most with elements of both. It’s great when a few amazing styles mix up to create something exciting and unique. If you’re a plant fan and love it when nature comes inside the house, then this trend is for you.

Interiors are characterized by grand entrance halls, polished wood floors, simplified paint and wallpaper palettes. Make sure you feature lots of plants to bring nature in, the green also enhances the wood and natural tones beautifully. If you like a style part made in Britain and part from further shores then look no further.

Blue hues

Quiet paint colours will always be a top pick for bedrooms, but increasingly, designers say lighter hues are packing an unexpected punch through faux finishes, special sheens, and decorative wall treatments. Individuals are wanting a holiday experience in their décor so they want details that evoke an experience such as a dusty blue painted texture on the bedroom walls.

Rocking the rattan!

Traditional materials with a modern twist feature heavily for 2021 and items made of wicker and rattan that were huge in the ‘90s are back with a bang! 

Texture on texture

Nubby bouclé, smooth velvet, and other plush fabrics are showing up on bedside benches, accent chairs, and even headboards or bed frames. Using more than one texture is the way to go to make an impact.

Bedding itself is looking cosier too with soft fabrics featuring texture and paired with organic woven fabrics. 

Earth tones

Over the past year beiges, browns and rust hues have taken over in textiles and many homeowners are using them as focal points like sofas and headboards specifically.

Light up the room!

So long, lamps apparently! They’re no longer just functional and wall lamps are set to make a comeback this year along with chandeliers. 

Bring out the paper!

With painted murals taking off and the explosion of temporary wallpaper options in the market, bedrooms are about to be revived with wallpaper rather than painted walls once more. From whimsical print-on-print combos in a children’s room to a statement-making motif on an adult space’s ceiling or area rug, pattern can be put in both expected and unexpected places, as long as there’s some common theme in colour so everything hangs together. Floral wallpaper is back with the emphasis on the bigger the better too. Beds can be great for making a statement and there are lots of choices available to be the centrepiece.

Whatever your style choices why not have fun and make your bedroom be your pride and joy.