Beginner’s Guide to Aquarium Equipment


Setting up an aquarium is no doubt a daunting task but what’s more difficult, is to find the perfect and the most suitable aquarium equipment. You see, there are is just so much variety and so many aquarium accessories in the market that you can easily end up being confused on what to buy and what not to buy. On the other hand, trying to set up an aquarium or buying the accessories without any guidance can get you into some serious trouble which is why you need to stick to this article today till the end. Today we are going to guide you from A to Z about buying aquarium equipment, we will tell you about the important accessories and the ones that are a total waste of money. So, take notes of what we are about to tell you because this article can actually be very useful for you in the long run.

1- Aquariums come in different shapes and sizes

Before talking about the accessories, let’s first talk about the aquarium itself. Before choosing on an aquarium, first measure the place properly where you have to place it. You cannot just buy a big aquarium for a place that is too small for it as that way you will end up wasting all your money. However, if you want to know the best and the most suitable shape then honestly we would suggest you go with the rectangular one because that provides the best surface area for gas exchange which obviously is good for the fish inside the aquarium. It’s simple to understand that the more oxygen they get, the more they live.

2- Aquarium stands

The stands are the most important accessory of an aquarium because you see when an aquarium is filled with water, it weighs a lot, and you need a good quality stand for that which can bear all the weight. And in case you are planning to make a stand on your own then make sure to measure the weight of the aquarium properly and then build a stand accordingly that can take all the weight.

3- Air Pumps

Air pumps are basically used outside the aquariums, and they help in increasing the surface area of the water in order to increase gas exchange. Every tiny bubble comes with its own surface area which then helps the oxygen get into the water. These pumps are a basic and important accessory, and you have to make sure to buy them from a quality place. You can also try the aquarium pumps by Danner as they come with the utmost quality and you won’t have to replace them every now and then.  

4- The lighting

Some of the aquariums out there come with inbuilt lights but then there are some with no lighting at all. Now, if you are someone who bought an aquarium with no lights then you have to pay attention to this part of the article. You see the lights in the aquarium matter a lot, in fact, you can say that the whole beauty of the aquarium comes with the light in it. The most commonly used lighting is done with fluorescent light bulbs that come in different sizes, T5 and T8. Just before buying any of these tubes, make sure you know about the length and the diameter you need.


These are some of the most important aspects of setting up an aquarium. Make sure to follow these guidelines and again, buy the aquarium that is in accordance with the size of the area where you have to keep it. Moreover, expensive isn’t always the best so don’t fall for the accessories which have high figures written on the price tags, just make some research on the particular accessory and then compare prices to make a final purchase decision.