Being furious is worse than being sad


Being angry and furious affects your health worse than feeling pain or being sad. At the scale of moods and vibrations, the one with the lowest vibration is the powerlessness. Feeling angry can even be better than feeling powerless. However, different feelings cost you different amount of time before you change or control them. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll see positive effects. The more you inform yourself about its effect on you, the better you care about your health.

The experts believe that the anger can increase the inflammatory processes like arthritis, cancer and health illnesses.


There were about 226 people included in a survey in Montreal. They were aged between 59 and 93. The main author of the research, Megan Barlow from Concordia University claimed that the people of that age are being furious because they can’t do the things they used to do in the past with the same velocity and effectiveness. They were affected more if they lose their partner. On the other hand their productivity as well as mobility it’s not as when they were young.

Megan have shared that the anger at the elder people can easily cause a development of chronic illnesses and diseases. The research was done in order to reveal whether the anger and the sadness have effects on the development of the inflammatory processes.

Firstly, the inflammatory processes help the body in the protection of illnesses and contribute in the curing of the damaged tissue. However, the long lasting inflammatory processes can end up as chronic diseases in the third age era.

The scientists have divided the the respondents in two major groups. The first group containing people between 59 and 70 years old while the second one, people over 80 years old. During the first week the respondents were filling a questionnaire about how sad and angry they were. They have taken blood samples as well. It revealed that a process of  inflammation or some kind of illness have began. Moreover, the respondents were asked at the very beginning whether they already have some king of disease.


It showed up that the feel of anger on a daily basis had something to do with higher inflammatory parameters  as well as chronic illnesses at the people over 80 years. However it has not been the case with the younger group. The research have revealed that the feel of chronic sadness had nothing to do with inflammations nor diseases.

Tu sum up, the older people’s sadness have even helped the patients to accept and get used to the cognitive weakness that comes with the years. It seems like the patients eventually agree and accept that some things can never be the same again.

The research revealed that not all of the bad feelings are bad indeed. Some of them can even help you in some aspects. The whole survey shows that being angry and furious can sometimes even help you in achieving some goal. That’s why both young and old people should use this advantage. That way they will overcome every type of challenge they face.