Being Stylish on a Budget


Today’s awful economy means that it can be more than a bit difficult to set a lot of money aside for anything that doesn’t happen to be completely necessary. That means that the budget for your wardrobe can almost be non-existent. That also means that when you need to buy new clothes, finding great deals for everything on your list is critical. Here is a look at a few pieces and tips that can help you with this situation.

Dress Shirts

Every man needs a few good dress shirts. The problem is that aside from being expensive, they can also be uncomfortable, itchy, and a pain to take care of. The solution is a new wardrobe. The dress shirts you will find online at, for example, have the designer look and feel without the cost. Aside from that, they are comfortable and wick the moisture away from your body. They are made from a material that allows them to stretch without losing their shape, and they don’t need to be dry cleaned like other dress shirts. Just toss them in the washer. They don’t even need to be ironed because they are resistant to wrinkles. All in all, this is the dress shirt you have been searching for.

Go for Versatility

If you look for items that are versatile, you will be able to pair them with many things, thereby giving you a multitude of looks. You can do this with a good cashmere sweater. This garment can be worn with jeans or slacks and over t-shirts or even a button-down shirt. They are cozy, too. This is a key fashion item that gives you both comfort and style.


When it comes to getting a great pair of shoes without breaking the bank, Kenneth Cole might be a good choice. Kenneth Cole makes good quality, expensive looking shoes, but they are reasonably priced. The shoes are critical to any look. You can be dressed to the nines, but if you have on grubby, scuffed up shoes, they can really screw up your entire look. Remember that shoes are one of the things that can make or break a look with ease.

Shop for the Whole Year

When it comes to style, men have it a bit easier than women. That is because we can choose fabrics and colors that we can wear regardless of the season. This helps to save money on your wardrobe, too. We can wear shirts made from cotton and pants made from cotton or wool all year long. Transitioning from warm to cool months can be made as simple as just adding a sport coat or sweater. There is a trick to making this work though. You should always go for neutral colors and patterns, such as white or blue for your dress shirts, and trousers should be black, gray, or navy. Make sure that all of your sport coats and sweaters are neutral colors too and you have a wardrobe that will be consistent and easily interchangeable at any time of the year.

Hit the Sales

If you want to pick up some great pieces for your wardrobe but have a tight budget, make sure to hit the end of season sales that nearly every retailer has. This is a fantastic time to pick up those items you are lacking or need to replace. Depending on the retailer, you might be able to find excellent pieces discounted as much as 70%! Popular places such as Banana Republic and Old Navy do this, but so do the more high-end retailers such as Saks Fifth Avenue. When you find sales like this, go in for the kill!

Make a List

Just as you would with everything else, when you know you will be shopping for new additions to your wardrobe, you should make a list of the pieces you need. This is a smart shopping tip regardless of what you are looking for. Having a list such as this can ensure that you get what you need while not wasting money on superfluous items.