Benefits of Car Wraps



You have no doubt seen vehicle wraps on the road. A car wrap is a vinyl graphic applied over a car’s paint. The quality of vinyl used is important because many companies use inferior vinyl that ends up tearing or peeling off in a few months, leaving the cars looking worse than before.

Here are some benefits of vehicle wraps for your business:

Cost effective advertising

This is one of the cheapest methods of reaching a target audience. On average, a driver spends one month out of the whole year behind the wheel and many people see his/her vehicle along the way. The cost of hundreds of sightings in one day is actually lower than radio or newspaper advertising.

Moreover, according to the owner of Pro Wraps, “wraps typically last up to seven years, but can be easily changed or updated at any time” thus saving you more money on advertising

Protects the paint

Eventually, your car will show signs of aging when the paint starts peeling off or fading. However, when you use vehicle wraps, you not only enhance your brand, but you also protect the paint job. They extend the life of your paint and protect it from minor abrasions and scratches.

Preserve the value of your car

Most companies usually buy white cars and brand them with the company logo. When you spray paint a vehicle, you will pay heavily when it is time to return it to its original color at the end of the lease. However, when you opt for a vehicle wrap, you can remove it easily when you want to sell the car.

If you want to spray-paint your car, you will also need to spend more money on the graphics while vehicle wrapping is done in one go.

Projects a professional image

Vehicle graphics and wrapping are a great way of strengthening your brand identity and giving the company a professional image. Your truck, car, or van can be as spectacular or inconspicuous as you wish because photographic images can be used to create virtually any design or look. What would tired-looking images say about your business?

Match existing colors

You may have a specific Pantone color that incorporates your company branding. The branding company can print and match your company’s brand color to a printed sample before they create a vehicle wrap. They can also match against your existing designs and artwork, meaning that they can help you match your existing colors.

The printing should be carried out using the industry’s latest print technology. This means that you will get color consistency on all your cars.

Removability of vinyl

Finally, depending on the quality of the car graphic materials used, you should not have any trouble removing the wrap at the end of the promotion. However, when you use inferior wraps, they will look fine in the short term but give you problems in the future. Substandard vinyl wraps can damage the underlying paint job when removed.

Easy to clean

Instead of spending your money and time on waxing and polishing, vehicle wraps look new and beautiful after washing them with soap and water.

Easy to change

When compared to painting, vehicle wraps are easy to change and affordable. Therefore, instead of wasting money on a new paintjob, you can just change your vehicle wrap to achieve a strikingly beautiful transformation. This means that you can get a completely new look quite inexpensively.


Are you wondering whether you should invest in vehicle wraps? All the above points should convince you that it is a good idea. Not only will you be able to advertise your business for next to nothing, but you will also be able to preserve the exterior of your car.