Benefits of Buying A Folding Mattress


Folding mattresses can be the perfect bed for those with limited space at home thanks to its foldable construction. This foldable capability also means that transporting this type of mattress from point A to point B is considerably more comfortable. But those are not the only benefits one can obtain from having a folding bed at home. In this article, we will be taking a look at all the benefits and advantages a folding mattress can offer.

There is a reason why folding mattresses is steadily becoming the most practical option for use in urban areas like apartments. Ideas that we will each go through in detail here.


Now then, let’s get to it, shall we?

  • Compact and Easy to Store

Due to the folding mattress’ collapsible design, storing it is more comfortable compared to its standard variation. Some foldable mattresses also incorporate the “tri-fold” design which further decreases its overall size when folded. This also allows it to be an excellent mattress for guests as it can be pulled out whenever necessary and stored again without much difficulty.

Its compact feature also means storage can be done anywhere in your house. The tri-fold folding mattress can be folded enough to fit into your closet or underneath the bed.

  • Excellent for Travelling and Sleepovers

Foldable mattresses can be surprisingly compact when folded. It is so compact that it can easily be stored inside your car to bring during your travels. If you love spending time outdoors then having a foldable mattress can eliminate the need for you to lie down on the ground during overnight camping trips. You can also bring it out if you are having a sleepover at a friend or family’s place and you prefer not to sleep on the couch.

  • Folding Mattress is Relatively Affordable

Folding mattresses are considerably more affordable when compared to traditional mattresses. You can find folding mattresses from thesleepadviser website that are even cheaper than airbeds in the market. An affordable folding bed can’t compete with a conventional mattress in terms of overall quality, but that is not what it was designed for. A folding mattress has its advantages and disadvantages when compared to a traditional bed and vice versa.

  • Folding Mattresses Excel in Versatility

New foldable beds are quite versatile and can be folded into a sofa chair or footrest. This ability to be more than just a straightforward bed makes the folding mattress a piece of truly great furniture for homes with limited space.

Some folding mattresses can act as your living room sofa, and once needed it can easily be transformed into a traditional bed in a matter of seconds. Modern folding mattresses excel in these two categories: convenience and versatility.

  • Can Double as a Children’s Playing Mat

Folding mattresses can also be used as your child’s playing mat. Mattresses have more cushion than a standard playing mat, and most folding bed also have removable covers that are machine washable making cleaning it a breeze.

As stated earlier, a compact folding mattress can also be brought by your kid to their friend’s house during a sleepover and are considerably more comfortable than a sleeping bag. It is also incredibly simple and easy to pack up once done that even your child can do it by themselves.

  • Folding Mattresses are Quite Comfortable

Compared to a portable mattress, folding mattresses offer more support and comfort. This is one of the reasons why a folding mattress is a better investment in the long run. A folding bed is designed to offer an experience as close to a traditional mattress as possible. This means it has better back support than a standard portable mattress.

  • Excellent as Emergency Beds

Having a couple of guests over at the house? Not enough bed for everyone? Having a folding mattress can quickly remedy this problem in no time. A folding mattress is a perfect bed for visitors as it is more comfortable than sleeping on the couch. It will also avoid having three people sharing a double size bed which makes the result an uncomfortable sleep for everyone.

Once your guests leave, fold the mattress and slide it inside the closet until needed. I do advise you to place the mattress inside a cover to prevent it from accumulating dust. You can use a plastic cover or the mattress’ own cover to prevent this from damaging your mattress in the long run.

Final Thoughts

Folding mattresses can be a great backup bed for emergencies, advancements in its design have also further widened its uses. There are now foldable mattresses that can also double as your couch. Those who live in studio apartments will significantly welcome this versatility as it can further save an already limited living space. If you are looking for a space-saving versatile mattress, go for the foldable version.