Benefits of Having a Tempur Mattress


Tempur has created a reputation for itself as one of the leading innovators in sleep technology. With Tempur mattresses made from open-celled visco-elastic material, the open cells gently move around your body to ensure that the mattress conforms to you, not the other way round such as is the case with many other traditional mattresses.

A memory foam mattress can have huge benefits for your comfort and health and is definitely worth investing in. It is important that you have a supportive and comfortable mattress no matter what your age, size or shape. A memory foam mattress contours to the exact shape of your body, ensuring a high level of comfort throughout the night.

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Buying a new mattress can often be a decision that needs a lot of thought especially if you require certain benefits or properties from your mattress. A Tempur mattress could be the right choice for you.

Health benefits

A Tempur memory foam mattress is worth having due to its various advantages when it comes to your health. The material used in Tempur mattresses came from extensive research done by NASA, who required a pressure-absorbing material to help relieve the strain that astronauts dealt with during lift-off. This material was then adopted for the creation of high quality mattresses.

The pressure-relieving quality to this particular memory foam mattress enables your weight to be distributed evenly while you sleep. Thanks to this removal of pressure, blood has the chance to flow properly through the night.

Due to the composition of a Tempur mattress and the way it conforms to your body as you lie down, your spine is able to rest in its natural position. A Tempur mattress has been proven to reduce the amount of tossing and turning you do in the night, meaning your spine could benefit hugely while you experience maximum comfort.

As well as supporting your body, Tempur material is temperature-sensitive and ensures the mattress works with your natural body heat to ensure a good sleep. Your temperature can often affect how well you sleep and then in turn your health but with a Tempur mattress this worry is eliminated.

The mattress becomes softer in warm areas; where your body has the most contact with the surface, while it remains firm in cooler areas where the body has less contact with the surface. This provides all-round comfort and support.

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Comfort benefits

On average we spend around 7-8 hours each night in bed, which equates to around 20-25 years. When you put it like that, it becomes clearer that you need a high quality mattress to sleep on. A Tempur mattress optimises comfort, ensuring you will be comfortable all through the night every night and offering you a great balance of softness and support while you sleep.

Certain collections of Tempur mattresses, such as the Cloud collection, can offer you a soft comfort layer, while the Sensation Tempur mattress provides a more traditional spring mattress. The Original collection has a firmer feel while maintaining a comfort element. It is clear that comfort is guaranteed, but how much or little comfort you would like is entirely up to you!

When it comes to buying a new mattress or simply replacing the one you currently have, look for a furniture specialist such as Booth’s Furniture to help you make an informed decision. With its many benefits, a Tempur mattress is something worth investing in and can provide you with a great night’s sleep.