Benefits of Hiring an Event Planner for Corporate Parties


What colors and types of flowers will bring my vision to life? How much money should every detail cost? Where will I get all the needed items from? What should come first? All these questions, and many more, sound difficult when going through the list of must-dos when planning an event. It is never easy trying to set up a successful event, even with 100 guests. You will always ask yourself, “hey, I can change this or that!’ Chances of getting a lot of hurdles are high. Hiring professionals always boils down to saving you headache and from wasting a lot of time. Event planners guarantee a successful and memorable day. They conceptualize everything from preparations to the coordination of all programs.


Twenty Three Layers, a professional event planning firm, fulfill all the required functions for you. Here are the benefits of hiring an event planner for corporate parties.

#1. Assist in Budgeting

Many people perceive that hiring professional corporate planners may be an unnecessary expense. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, they save you unnecessary costs. They help you use only the required funds. All professionals across every sector know what is needed and what is not. To cut costs, experts prioritize the essential resources required.

#2. Saves you time and stress

Many people have busy schedules. Working by yourself in a sector you are not conversant to not only wastes your time but also gives you a lot of headaches. Every industry in the 21st century has players that have specialized in their craft. An event planner ensures deadlines are met, and everything is set up in the agreed manner.

#3. Assist in negotiations

Event planning as an independent business industry also has support from other sectors. Every business has reliable connections to make their work easier. Likewise, evet planners develop excellent professional relationships with suppliers and vendors in the industry. They help you negotiate for better rates for venues, public address systems, furniture etc.

#4. Offer Advisory services

Out of experience, event planners have unmatched knowledge about every detail. This is because they have been there before, made mistakes and learnt from them. This is already a guarantee that the event will be successful. Planning by yourself may backfire since you may not have the essential skills. Additionally, experts know what to do next in case of an emergency.

#5. Bring your vision to life

Bringing your vision to life will be exciting not only for you but for your guests too. Understanding a client’s wants is the first step for every professional. This ensures they have the real picture before implementing the plan. Consequently, they will execute the idea to make your day a roaring success.

#6. Offer marketing services

If your corporate event is about raising awareness of a particular service, product or brand, then you got yourself a free marketing strategy. They may connect you with various people in the industry. Additionally, they could raise awareness of your event to other relevant parties.

#7. Calm your anxiety

Nothing calms your anxiety than knowing you have someone has got your back. The thought of having someone doing everything for you is always a relief. Corporate planners handle all your responsibilities. This allows you to concentrate on more critical issues.

#8. Cover every detail

It is the nature of the job for planners to be organized. They also have expertise when it comes to covering every detail. The essence of what makes watching a movie or reading a story great is following every detail. With this said, corporate event planners ensure that the structure of an event will have a massive impact on everyone present.

Twenty Three Layers, a company based in New York, has a global reach in event and design planning. Founded by Jessica Boskoff, who is also the Chief Executive Officer at the firm, the company has grown to become one of the most reputable corporate event planners in NYC. Working for more than ten years, the CEO has had a long and industrious career. Her creativity and dedication have added value to the company, her team and clients. Twenty Three Layers has reached a significant milestone in overall performance thanks to inclusiveness and the unique & joyful team personality. With the help of a professional team, Boskoff has made the company one of the best event planning companies in NYC. Her team includes; Jo Gordon – Director for event productions and operations, Lindsay Hayden – In charge of event and design, Lindley Schneider – The senior event planner and Kristin D’Angelo – The event coordinator.

Twenty Three Layers incorporates a unique design and modern culture in their work to offer a quality service to clients. Their knowledge and experience guarantee customer satisfaction. They also pay attention to every detail which brings out a service inspired by motivation and specialization. The firm works with startup companies and famous brands around the globe including; Airbnb, Google, Slack, Sephora, Glossier, and Spotify, among others. Additionally, the company has worked in several events, including corporate functions. It has the insider perspective and experience to coordinate every process of event planning – from booking to execution. They work with several vendors in the sector to guarantee the utmost enjoyment of a perfect day. All their professionals are always ready and available to ensure seamless flow and organization of every detail.

Many people may believe they know how to set and pull off a successful event. The real question is how many will make it a memorable day- one that will cling in the minds of everyone present for years to come. To guarantee this, planning requires professional experience, skillfulness, a lot of resources, and dedication of time & energy. It isn’t easy as selecting the right music or foods though these too are essential. Event planners offer much more than that. Event expertise is worth it when it comes to making the toughest decisions. Hire Twenty Three Layers when planning a corporate event. They are a reliable and exceptional group if in-house event strategists that will guarantee a day you always dreamed of.