Benefits of Sofa Slipcovers


I definitely consider sofa slipcover as astonishing creation. I am not sure when they were invented but they are as prevalent today as they used to be a century ago.

I suppose in the past when sofas were only made of wood, slipcovers were used as cushions to make sofas more comfortable.

I’ve seen people using them in different ways and for various types of furniture. Trust me, a slipcover can surely turn your coach from blah to stunning. 


They are also very convenient when you don’t want to replace your super-comfy sofa with a modern one that you are not sure if it will be as comfortable as advertised.

Let’s face it – some new sofa models are just about the look and design and not about experience. So why not cover your old sofa with a slipcover that will protect it and extend its life – you care about your furniture, right?

Would you like to know my personal story when my super expensive sofa was ruined in a minute and cost me hundreds to clean the fabric by professionals?

[So lesson learned – $50 slipcover can save a ton of money without ruining your living room design.

1)    Right-on to use

When speaking of the advantages of the sofa slipcovers, the first one coming to my mind is their simplicity.

For instance, you can easily refresh an old, worn-out piece of furniture just by covering it with a slipcover. That would save you lots of cash.

My mom is using one to protect the expensive sofa from my cat’s fur. As the slipcovers are usually machine washable, it’s easy to clean them and they dry out very quickly.

It’s not only pets that can ruin a sofa. Sometimes our clothes are not so clean and all the dirt is transferred to the sofa, so why not protect it with the slipcover? By the same token, our sofas can often take the brunt of spills and stains from food or drink. Ketchup, chocolate and red wine are some of the most common culprits, and they can be a real hassle to remove. On the other hand, if you end up staining a well-made slipcover from a company like CoverMyFurniture, you can just put it straight in the wash and it’ll come out looking good as new. Easier, faster, simpler. What’s not to like?

2)    Come in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes


The second best asset of the sofa slipcovers is the fact they have been offered in various sizes, colors, and patterns.

It won’t be hard to find the one that fits your style and personal taste.

Moreover, once you are fed up with your home décor, you can easily revive it by changing the sofa slipcover.

There are some great models reviewed at Décor Home Ideas that will help you choose the best one.

Some slipcovers could fit onto different sizes and sofa variations , but be sure to check first your sofa dimensions and then slipcovers specs.

3)    Practical investment

Nowadays, you can find a brand new sofa slipcover in several stores starting from the widely-known IKEA. You can also buy one from a second-hand shop or at the flea market.

However, I would suggest avoiding buying the cheapest ones as they are usually not that great quality and there is a high risk to shrink after washing them.

For less than $50 you can find some great slipcovers that would fit different sofas.  Great option if you decorate on a budget.

If you go with the most expensive models, you would get high quality sofa slipcover that would look like an expensive sofa so it’s another option to redesign without buying new furniture.