Benefits of Storing Your Valuables in Climate Controlled Storage


Self-storage is all about keeping your items in a dry, roomy and secure unit. Extreme temperature conditions can cause irreversible damage to some of your items or assets such as wooden furniture, electronics or cars. Storing your valuable belongings in climate controlled storage has several benefits. Climate controlled storage units maintain consistent levels of temperature regardless of the season. In fact, other climate controlled storage units provide enhanced humidity control. Here are some advantages of climate controlled storage that can help you make an informed decision when choosing the right storage solutions.

Avoid extreme temperatures

In most parts of the country, temperatures can either hit above 100 degrees during summer or drop below freezing point in the winter. If you live in regions that experience drastic temperature changes, you should consider protecting your valuable items from being damaged by the effects of extreme temperatures. Certain items such as wood furniture, musical instruments, books, upholstered furniture, antiques, and artwork can undergo warping, splitting, or cracking due to sudden changes in temperatures. It is very crucial to ensure that your business records are safely protected from extreme temperatures as they are of great value to the business. Climate controlled storage units are maintained at a consistent temperature that is below 80 degrees and above freezing point.

Great air quality

Most people overlook the issue of air quality when shopping for storage units. While some items can be perfectly stored in standard storage units, climate control units with good air quality are perfect for storing certain items that can be damaged by mould, mildew, rust or decay. The air in a climate controlled storage unit is clean because the unit facilitates the continuous circulation of air. Hence, you don’t have to open the storage unit occasionally for the stored items to get fresh air. Air quality is a priority when it comes to storing sensitive documents and electronics.

Barriers from debris and dust

A climate controlled storage unit is usually placed in a building that has insulated and sealed walls, floors and roofs. Therefore, the storage units are less susceptible to flooding, dirt or rodents making a home inside the storage unit. There is less dust and debris making its way into your climate controlled storage unit. So, whether you store your personal items for a few weeks or decades, you will find them in good shape.

Added peace of mind

Climate controlled storage units offer more value than standard storage units, and thus are slightly expensive. However, the peace of mind of knowing that your valuable items are protected from weather-related mishaps or harsh temperatures overshadows that additional cost. While traditional storage is adequate for storing items that can’t be damaged by harsh weather conditions, the cost of storing valuable items is arguably higher.

Humidity control offers more protection

Some advanced climate controlled storage units have a humidity control feature. If you consider the natural fluctuations in outdoor humidity as a significant concern in ensuring that your valuable items are kept safely for longer, then you may consider the humidity control feature. Remember, every season comes with drastic changes in humidity levels. When there is too much moisture in the air, your valuable personal items such as fine art or antiques can warp, crack or rot. Likewise, some items can get damaged during the entire spring and fall seasons, if the storage unit remains damp due to lack of a humidity control feature. Therefore, it is important to consider investing in a climate controlled storage unit with the humidity control feature that will keep base humidity levels at around 55% by removing excess moisture from the air.

If you can’t afford to access your storage unit regularly to open doors and allow fresh air into the unit, consider investing in our climate controlled storage units. The Lock up Self Storage offers a wide range of climate controlled storage solutions with varying benefits depending on every customer’s particular situation.