Best accessories to liven up your home

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With the summer now pretty much over and autumn on the way, this is the perfect time to invest in some bright and bold accessories to liven up your home’s interior.

From warm oranges and yellows to statement blues, greens and reds, there’s nothing like adding a little colour to your living room, bedroom or kitchen to ward off those winter blues.

Though almost any accessory can be used to add a bit of style to your house, here are five of the best for really livening up your interior and transforming your home.


Comfortable, well used and all too often taken for granted, the humble family sofa is one of the most important accessories in the home.

Though many people opt for classic, neutral shades like cream, blue or brown when choosing a settee, bold colours like mustard yellow, red and bright blue can look fantastic, creating a focal point for your living room and stylish spot for you and your family to enjoy.


Like sofas, curtains are often designed to blend into the background. However, as these fabric accessories frame your windows and form a central feature of your home’s interior, they’re perfect for livening up with a bit of colour.

As you’ll probably want to keep your home bright and airy, lighter colours are normally the best choice for curtains, though patterns that match darker shades with lighter tones can also work well.


If you choose your standing and table lamps with care, there’s no reason why they can’t be fantastic accessories both night and day.

Try to match the colour of your lampshades with other accessories in the space in order to bring your look together and create a stylish cohesive design.

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Wall art

Easy, affordable and fun, wall art is a great way to add instant colour and character to a space.

From framing old pieces of wallpaper to family photos, almost anything can be transformed into a piece of wall art so why not get your creative juices flowing and see what you come up with?

Whatever your budget or your tastes, livening up your interior is easy. With just a little bit of imagination, a bit of creativity and a touch of courage, you too could transform your home into a bright and bold des res in no time.