Best Cat Beds to Gift Your Kitty This Christmas


The holidays are just around the corner. The tree decorations have been ordered and wreaths hung on the door. All that remains to be worked out is a wonderful Christmas gift idea for the kitty overlord of the house!

While cats can get super-picky about most things like treats, scratchers, and collars, you are less likely to go wrong with gifting her cozy bed. We are in favor of putting away the traditional and boring mats and baskets used as kitty beds and bring in a few jazzy options this Christmas instead. Also, the best cat beds are not always the most expensive ones. 


So, you can easily pick one for each kitty in your house.

Every cat will feel adored and loaded over with love when sleeping in these beds:

Doughnut Cat Beds with High Sides

This round bed is designed for cats who love to rest their chin on raised surfaces and watch the world go by. The high edges of the bed make it ideal for the adorable little furball to recline and leave their weight on it, while the fatly cushioned center of the bed is very inviting to them for a hearty snooze. 

Doughnut beds usually come with ample inside-padding and a soft toweled upper cover. The cover is stitched seamlessly onto the lower cup-like portion, leaving nothing loose d=for the residing kitty to mess up and they toss and turn in the bed. Designed to feel cuddlesome and protective to the cat, these beds promise just the snugness that your feline is looking for. 

The best part about these beds is that your cat always has lots of space to move around in it when it’s not sleeping. Come winters, you can fill up the doughnut belly with a blanket and make it warm for the little fella. Click to learn more about cat doughnut beds.


  • Safe bed with no zips or plastic fasteners for the cat to chew off
  • The whole bed can be machine-washed and quickly air-dried
  • Raised edges of the bed let your kitty rest their head without straining the neck
  • A super-soft, partially spongy center for the cat to lie and snooze on


  • No opening for the cat to walk in, making it hard for old and weak felines to jump over inside the bed
  • Not enough space for longer breeds of cats

Radiator Cat Beds for Harsh Winters

When you have a soul connection with your kitty, you will know it when she needs a warmer bed. Often during harsh winters, cats are inclined to climb in bed with their human companions to get a tad bit more warmth. By buying the puss a radiator kitty bed, you can avoid such a thing from happening every night. 

These mattresses for cats hug them inside a warm cocoon of heat as you keep them hanging over your radiator. Besides offering a warm sack to sleep on, dangled feet off the ground, these beds also offer an interesting perch for your kitty cat. 

Also, this means for as long as Mr/Miss Cat is lounging off the ground, your floor space remains free from clutter. Now don’t be surprised to find kitty glued to the bed and keeping a watch over you from her high pedestal all day long! 


  • Winter-perfect for cats who don’t want a blanket on
  • Provides a high perch which most cats prefer over floor beds
  • Washable fleece cover
  • Strong metal frame to hold the bed in place even as kitty moves around in it


  • Hanging radiator beds are maybe not such a good idea for overweight cats
  • Not a utility bed for year-long use
  • Not very spacious

Luxury Cat Beds to Fit an Aesthetic Home Decor

Worried that your kitty paraphernalia will dampen a rich home decor? Luxury cat beds made of carefully handcrafted, woven, and painted eye-catching details will be a beautiful addition to a contemporary home. 

High-quality materials, delicate design, and aesthetic finish of these items make them rank among the best cat beds available. Not only would they add value to your cherished drawing room space and make the lucky kitten look regal, but would meet the furball’s comfort expectations too. 


  • Matches the decor of a stunning home and adds an aesthetic flourish
  • High-quality materials of these beds are durable and safe for your pet
  • Unique get-up, available in the shape of – lounge chairs, rattan beds, retro beds with cup handles, and more
  • Despite the finery, these beds promise optimum comfort for the pet


  • Not affordable for all budgets
  • Might not be so snug for larger and longer cats

Cave Cat Beds

Cave beds for cats have a great design that’s magnetically attractive to felines of all breeds. Since cats love to snuggle up in tightly fitting spaces, these igloo-like structures become a lovely den for them where they would spend much of their waking and sleeping hours. 

The enclosure has a small opening through which the cat can walk in, making it perfect for older or ailing cats who wouldn’t want to jump. The bed inside is soft and spongy and lined with a warm fabric for winter use. The roof overhead will make your cat feel secure, private, and embraced in warmth. 

Igloo caves are among the best cat beds and these are available in plenty of different designs and configurations. This Christmas, you can choose an igloo bed propped up with a heat mat to keep your kitty extra warm and have her snooze through the night in peace! 


  • A design to hold your kitty’s curiosity
  • Snug and cozy insides to keep the resident warm
  • Available with vinyl heat mat for extra cold nights
  • Thermostat to keep the temperature regulated inside
  • Great way to declutter your room by keeping the kitty-toys inside
  • Enough space for two medium-sized cats 
  • Suitable for machine wash


  • Metal zippers on the heat pad could be uncomfortable
  • Cats with a tendency of chewing random objects could get into trouble