The Best, Dermatologist-Approved Professional Blackhead Extraction Tool


Are you on the market for the best professional blackhead extraction tool? You will not disappoint with our top three recommendations. A blackhead extractor has been used by professional dermatologists to remove skin cell plugs and dirt that cause blackheads. However, nowadays, you don’t have to visit dermatologists to get rid of blackheads.

The tools are now available for purchase through drug stores and beauty stores. But shifting through so many option on the market can get overwhelming, and that is exactly the reason we are here. Before we get to our recommendations, learn about the type of extractor tools as they have their own specific purpose:

         Extractor with two heads

One side of the extractor is equipped with a spoon-like head wit a hole in its center. The other side is a sharp lancet, this particular tool is used to puncture the side of a whitehead in order to release sebum.

         Extractor with cupped ends

These spoon-like extractor comes in different sizes to accommodate the size of your blackheads. Some of them are typically angled to help you reach difficult areas.

Equinox International Blackhead removal tool

Looking for the best professional blackhead extraction tool that has been approved by dermatologists? Then Equinox is the perfect choice. Containing a total of 5 different tools, each of their tools boasts double-sided ends for multiple purposes. Inside its elegant kit packaging you will find a lance, three loop tools, and also a tweezer.

Its loop tool is used to frame around your blackhead before pressing and gently pushing the sebum out. You may use this tool to remove different sizes of blackheads and acnes as it’s easily adjustable. Made of surgical-grade stainless steel and coated with antibacterial hypoallergenic material, it’s guaranteed to fit even the most sensitive skin.

BESTOPE Blackhead Removal Tool

This particular extractor kit comes with 6-different tools made of sterilized stainless steel, an extractor, and five electroplated needles. The kit can be used to remove blackheads and different kind of acnes, which adds to its versatility. Bestope is aware of the importance of materials used to make the extractors. For that reason, it uses corrosion-free surgical-grade materials to ensure health and safety.

The needles is also coated with the best antibacterial coating to prevent risks of infection. Not only that, but each of its tools also are made with ergonomic design for the ultimate comfort. All of these features combined undoubtedly ensures not only powerful performance, but also gives you a peace of mind as it’s suitable for all skin-types.

JPNK blackhead removal tool kit

Have you just started out with your skin care routine? Learning to remove your own blackheads and acnes may not be difficult. But sometimes, as you just started out, you want a complete kit without having to blow your savings account. In that case, you JPNK blackhead removal tool kit is the perfect choice. The kit contains 6 different removal extractors which are suited to different skin tissues.

Recommended by professionals, this removal kit does not only produce excellent results, but also provides the utmost safety. Furthermore, each of the tool are made of the highest quality material that guarantees long life span. This particular professional blackhead extraction tool is designed ergonomically for ease of use.