The Best DIY Yard Projects and Garden Ideas You Should Not Miss


Hey there my lovely readers! How are you? Are you enjoying the beautiful days? I love drinking my morning coffee in the yard, so that I searched the Net to find some clever ideas to enhance this space and make it more relaxing and enjoyable. I selected The Best DIY Yard Projects and Garden Ideas You Should Not Miss.

A diy garden projects are gaining more and more popularity among gardeners and home owners, I have made you a fantastic collection and included everything from garden art, paths, decors and flowers. So, let’s take a look at the ideas and turn your yard into the best looking one in your neighborhood.  Enjoy and have fun!


Garden Paths

If you want to make your yard more organized and inviting, you should make a way of getting into your garden. You can find a wide range of garden paths that can be made easily and quickly and that can add life to your yard.

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Fairy Gardens

The fairy gardens are the new creative garden arrangement trend that have appeared recently. I have selected some pretty awesome ideas that you can make in broken pots or wheelbarrows.


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Beautiful Flower Gardens

You may not have huge expanses of yard to grow flowers and plants, but luckily there are many cheerful miniature pants that will add life to your space. I have selected some beautiful flower plants that are tiny, but have a big impact. Plus, most of the them are low-maintenance and need no pruning to stay true to form and small.


Bobo Hydrangea

This plant is big on blooms, but small in stature. It grows to 3 feet and it flowers are creamy white to blush pink. It begins to bloom in midsummer and last up to 12 weeks.

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Soft Serve False Cypress

This plant is valued for its swirls of soft, touchable foliage and elegant stature. It is slowly growing plant, but it can reach 6 to 10 feet too. You can plant it in rock gardens and containers. The soft serve false cypress provide year round interest to borders and beds. Hage, Gnome, Leprechaun and Nana are other dwarf cultivars.

Chiquita Coneflower

The dwarf coneflower is one of the most turning heads plant that grow just 1 foot high. It has soft yellow flowers from July through September. This plant are drought-resistant perennials and naturally low-maintenance.

Dwarf Mondo Grass

The dwarf mondo grass is a grass like plant, clumping and miniature that can be used as edging in flower beds, light fixtures or statues. It grows 2 to 4 inches high and I need to mention that it is slow-growing plant and requires extremely low-maintenance. The dwarf mondo grass needs to be mowed only once a year, if it is used as ground cover.

My Monet Weigela

The monet has pink blooms that attract hummingbirds and can grow from 12 to 18 inches tall. Once the color of the flowers fades, pink, green and cream variegated foliage is showy until fall. This plant don’t need pruning to stay compact and small.

Lilac Chip Butterfly Bush

Butterflies and bees love this type of flowers. This miniature masterpiece forms beautiful lavender-pink blooms and grows to about 2 feet. This flower plant is seedless, so it won’t self-sow and become invasive.

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Tiny Monster Geranium

This plant in magenta pink color looks beautiful and grows just 8 inches tall. Plus, it is the longest blooming dwarf geranium.

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Fun Container Alternatives You Should Consider When Planting

Colander Planters

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Birdcage Planter 

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PVC Pipe Planter 

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Outdoor Lighting Ideas

You need to recognize that there is not noting more fab by hosting an outdoor party. And yes, the yards need not only be used in the daylight. Once the sun goes away, the party doesn’t have to stop. There are plenty of diy options to create a fantastic area and enjoy after dark with your relatives and friends.


Awesome Idea to Enhance the Fence and Illuminate the Yard 

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Interesting Hanging Chandeliers

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Fantastic Lighting Balls 

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Other Interesting Decorations

I found some interesting decors that you can make in no time and turn your yard into a fun and entertaining zone for your family and guests. The stained glass projects are my favorite, because they can add sparkling color and charming accents to your garden. You can also use your creativity and improve your diy skills and techniques by reusing the clay pots, lids, bicycle wheels, etc.


Glass Beads Dance in Your Garden

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Stained Glass Garden Spinner 

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Beautiful Stained Glass Decor 

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Bicycle Wheel Garden Art

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Rock Caterpillar 

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Flower Pot Man

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Garden Mushrooms

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