Best Gifts for the Tech Lover


If you’ve got a tech lover on your hands then you know it’s pretty hard to stay ahead of the curve… there’s always the latest and greatest that seems to be just around the corner. Don’t sweat it, we got you covered.

Mavic Pro

For the past couple years drones have been popping up everywhere. From breathtaking aerial photography to drone racing, the appeal for these guys is wide. The Mavic Pro is one the keeps popping up on lists everywhere. It’s small, but incredibly powerful and was designed to include 24 high-performance computational cores. The DJI Mavic Pro also boasts an all-new transmission, 5 vision sensors and supports a 4k video at 30 fps while also incorporating a 12-megapixel camera. Another similar model on the market is the Phantom 4, which you may also want to consider. Check online for some side-by-side specs of the Mavic pro vs Phantom 4 for more a more detailed comparison. Either way, the tech lover in your life with a soft spot for grown up toys is sure to be pretty pleased.

iPad Pro

If you want a tool that can browse the web, take photos and is more powerful than the majority of PC laptops out there, the iPad Pro is the ticket. The new model sports a 10.5-inch frame with a freshly designed Retina display which works with iOS to offer what some may consider the most advanced mobile operating system on the market. If you’re shopping for a tech junkie that loves to read online, play 3D games or watch games/shows on the go, the iPad Pro is it. With 6 cores, 64-bit architecture and an A10x Fusion chip (your tech geek can translate this for you later) the iPad Pro is powerful enough to edit a 4K video and its new dock always for multi-tasking 3D rendering, presentations and documentation. Pretty much, this guy ties up work, pleasure and play all in one place.

Fitbit AltaHR

This guy was tailor-made for the gearhead who also happens to love fitness. Not only does it track steps, calories, and distance, its SmartTrack technology has Auto Exercise Recognition, so it automatically senses when you’re starting to get your sweat on. The AltaHR model also allows you to track your sleep patterns by using a heart rate monitor and sends reminders when it’s time to get up and move. Its call, text and calendar alert function also lets you receive phone calls and texts, so if you’re on a long run you don’t have to worry about toting your phone or missing an important message. Pretty much it’s a personal health, fitness coach and assistant all rolled into one, which 100% makes this a gift win.   


If Fitbit had a mindful cousin, this would be it. The .8-ounce device features patented sensors that track respiration, activity, steps, calories burned, as well as calmness, focus and tension. By simply clipping it to your clothes Spire helps monitor stress levels by tracking breathing and sending notifications to your phone when it senses irregularity. It also tracks patterns in stress, noting locations, times of day and activities that create a spike in stress levels. Spire then creates statistical data to help build a picture of when you’re most likely to get stressed so you can create an action plan to start minimizing triggers. It also features a Breathe Guide to help teach you effective techniques to decrease tension and improve concentration and happiness. Even better…if you happen to forget to take it off before laundry day, it’s also waterproof.

Bluesmart Luggage

Know someone who has to have the latest gear and also always seems to be jet-setting? Perfect… you’re quickly going to become their new favorite person, and they’re gonna go nuts for the Bluesmart One winning luggage design. Not only can you lock it remotely from your phone, it also has the capacity to charge your devices up to 6 times, while its GPS-enabled technology always you to find the location of your suitcase anywhere in the world and its smart sensor design checks the weight of your luggage at just the click of a button… no more extra baggage fees, ever!