Best Home Decor Ideas For Travel Lovers


Whether you’re a travel geek or a dreamer with a huge list of far-and-away lands that you would like to visit, nothing can better express your adventurous soul than a properly chosen décor. Below, we have provided some of the simplest yet most appealing ideas for home décor to make a wanderlust-themed home.

Travel-Themed Works of Art

As simple as that. If you’re a fan of photography, it shouldn’t be limited by frames. Try something new this time! Shower curtains, wall art, duvet covers, as well as throw pillows incorporated into the interior will add a touch of adventure to your room while making it comfier.


Get a picture-hanging kit to showcase all those postcards you received from your friends or bought yourself in various cities all over the globe. Let’s face it, postcards are the cheapest option to decorate the home in a travel style while being the easiest way to bring those memories back.

3d Wooden Map of the World 

A beautiful and stylish 3d wooden world map will adorn any interior – from rustic or industrial to transitional, contemporary, modern, and so on. The best thing about this kind  of decoration is that you can easily keep track of all your travels with the help of various accessories: little flag push pins or photo frames to celebrate your most outstanding journeys. Handcrafted from non-toxic wood world map is a great eco-friendly décor to dress up your walls and a perfect statement piece for TRAVEL lovers.

Globe Bar

Now, this is fun. Although the globe is a classy illustration of the world and a representation of tourism, it is also one of the easiest ways to display your passion for traveling. Make it 2-in-1 by incorporating the so-called globe bar into the interior. As a result, you will get a bit more original with your décor and have elegant storage for your favorite drinks.

Wall Murals

Choose any illustration and cover an entire wall with it! The best thing about the wall murals is that they are easy to peel off while no sticky residue left. The variety of vibrant images and colors lets you create a travel-themed focal point and add comfort even to the rented space.  

Add Your Favorite Travel Motto

One more versatile gem is the framed motto mounted on the wall. If you don’t have one, browse some online and choose the one that best describes your hobby. Great for curious minds, nature lovers, and someone who’s always eager to explore the unknown.

Travel-Themed Yoga Mat

What can become a better motivator to transform your body and plan a life-changing trip? A nice yoga mat on the floor! There are loads of various designs, so you will easily find the one that reflects your wanderlust state of mind and keeps you in the mood for moving.

Display Travel Books

The good old coffee table is an essential part of any interior. This item can become a stunning centerpiece to display your travel décor like a photography book you made yourself. If you don’t have one, opt for a vintage atlas that is definitely going to hook your guests’ attention.

Add Plants for a Jungle Effect

Why not turn your room into a tropical jungle in the middle of the big city? Pick some of your favorite plants and put them here and there in a particular environment. Not only will it bring your home to life, but it will also add some exotic feeling you once had in Amazonia. Besides, having some greenery is good for one’s health. Multiple researchers insist that plants tend to boost our productivity, which is enough to trust them.

Get a Vintage Suitcase

What can remind you of traveling more than a good old suitcase? No matter where you go, this buddy is always there for you. Do some suitcase hunt at the local flea markets to find the vintage item. Not only will it add style to your place, but it will also provide you with more storage. As an alternative, pick several suitcases of different sizes, pile them on top of each other, and use the construction as a coffee table when guests arrive.

As you can see, dozens of ways exist when it comes to infusing that adventure feel into the setting. We hope the décor options above will help you create a comfortable travel-themed room that is also welcoming and feeding your wanderlust.