Best Ideas for Modern Bathroom Design


It’s not hard to achieve a modern and aesthetically pleasing bathroom design. The process of upgrading a bathroom using modern techniques is fun.  A lot of individuals love the visual appeal in modern bathrooms because the contemporary styles are minimalist and simple.

Note that a modern bathroom design can mean different things to different individuals. However, generally, a modern design maintains similar strategies and concepts.


Below are some of the best ideas to inspire you when designing your modern bathroom. Most of them are from SOD Home Group experts.

Include solid wood accents to the bathroom

Enhance the natural look by including solid wood accents. It will add warmth to your minimalist design. Also, adding light wood furniture can offer an organic feel to the space to make it comforting and relaxing. Some ways of incorporating wood into your bathroom remodeling include adding it to the shelves, ceiling beam, towel bar, or vanity.

You’ll introduce a vibe that screams casual, warm, and modern. Whitewashed, softwoods make the bathroom look very refreshing too. They’re nice additions to brighter and lighter bathrooms.

Install a shower chic

Some people don’t like a freestanding soaker tub. The alternative can be creating a modern look by using a rain shower. It offers a contemporary edge to their space. Despite being attractive it’s very relaxing.

Such a design allows people to alternate between the handheld and overhead shower. It also comes with a push-button that allows you to enjoy high-power rain, a beautiful waterfall setting, and a relaxing massage.  

You need to avoid framed glass doors since they look divisive and heavy. Maximize the bathroom space by installing frameless doors.

A smart idea for a modern bathroom is a shower that’s surrounded by transparent, glass walls. It functions great in monochromatic bathrooms. You can opt for sliding doors or those that open up in different directions.

You can also call it an open-plan bathroom. The open-plan feature is another modern bathroom idea. It is very good in tiny spaces. Such a design utilizes a “wet-room” design and unique modern elements like minimal decorative features, geometrical shapes, and monochrome color scheme.

Replace the outdated sink

You can give your kitchen a luxurious touch by adding a simple stone sink. A marble countertop is also a great addition. One perk of this design is it’s durable.

It makes a polished and sleek contrast with golden hardware and black cabinetry. To make it more modern, you can have an elevated glass bowl for washing hands.

Have a good time with neutrals and colors

The main feature of a modern bathroom design is a minimalist and simple style. Utilizing a white palette in the bathroom is an amazing way to get a straightforward design.

Another way is using furniture with a simple geometric shape such as a rectangle or square. It enhances an amazing sleek style. You can also add a black touch to enhance the modern factor.

Black is a great neutral that people often add to their spaces for an anchor. To achieve this type of style, you should ensure you come up with a balanced look. Another neutral color you can use is grey.

To create balance, add light-colored furniture with stimulating geometric shapes like rectangles and squares.

A modern bathroom doesn’t have to use a gleaming, white look. A dark color like black or grey is also modern. People mostly add it to the floor. Note that the shape of your sink and the minimal hardware will echo the shape and size of your tiles.

Use bright accents

Modern bathrooms mostly accommodate colors perfectly especially if you’re using a bright, single shade. Some of the contemporary colors you can use are blue, yellow, green, red, or blue. These will help enhance your modern design.


When designing your bathroom, never forget about lighting. Ensure that lighting in the bathroom is sufficient enough. If you can, ensure that the bathroom has natural lighting. You can achieve this by adding a window. If this is not possible add enough artificial lighting.

Final thoughts

Designing your modern bathroom shouldn’t be a hard task. Note, the ideas discussed in this article are not complete. There are many more that you can incorporate in your bathroom.