Best Innerspring Mattress Type for Side Sleepers


Many of us find ourselves turning to our side for a restful night’s sleep. You might be thinking What makes the best mattress for side sleepers? Next time you should consider firmness, support, and pelvic rotation as the key factors when buying a new mattress. Your mattress is one of the most important things that are capable of providing you with the necessary rest and comfort. Side sleepers tend to struggle less than a back sleeper but they still can suffer from hip, back, or neck pain. If you are a side sleeper, the good news for you is many mattress manufacturers make considerations in the development of their products to best aid side sleepers.

Side sleeping is more common in pregnant women as this the best way to accommodate the bumps of their growing babies. No doubt it is a challenge position to sleep in and there are a lot of pressure points which could cause a lot of pain and distress in the long run.

Is it healthy to sleep on your side?

A proper sleep position means the correct alignment of your spine. Roughly speaking 33 percent of your day can certainly take a toll on your overall comfort and posture.

Let’s take a look at side sleeping with some of the pros and cons:


  • The good news for chronic snorer is that side sleeping position is known to reduce this annoying trait because those people who tend to sleep on their back are more often found to struggle when their tongue obstructs the airway.
  • Side sleeping position has been proved to be good for lower back pain sufferers. Many of us suffer from lower back pain and some of us can even find that it debilitates us from enjoying a truly fulfilling life. When you sleep at the side, it allows you to elongate your spine which proves beneficial to be in minimizing lower back discomfort.
  • Side sleeping alleviates acid reflux and heartburn.
  • Increases ability to drain toxins from the lymph nodes properly.
  • Ease of Digestion.
  • Improves blood circulation


  • Side sleeping can cause the problem of unexpected acne breakouts since the side of the face is pressed against your pillow for hours every night.
  • When you sleep on your side most of the body weight is supported by your shoulders which ultimately results in constriction of the neck and shoulder pain.
  • While sleeping on your side it’s inevitable that gravity will take its toll on your breasts which leads to sagging of breasts overtime as the ligaments are regularly stretched.

If you are ready to make a significant investment then here are the best innerspring mattress you should consider buying:

  • Saatva mattress: Saatva mattress is backed by one of the best bed manufacturers in the business, so they are definitely pros when it comes to a mattress. The mattress has a great mixed thin layer of high-quality memory foam and provides a layer of individually-wrapped coils and steel base support system that aligns and relieves pressure for side sleepers.
  • Helix mattress:The helix mattress is a higher-end mattress that has 2-4 inches proprietary Helix Dynamic foam, specially designed for side sleepers. The helix mattress is developed to provide different construction on the shoulders and hips so that your spine is better aligned.
  • Layla mattresses: Layla mattress is specifically designed for side sleepers with shoulder and hip pain. There is no other better mattress to fix shoulder and hip pain thus having a mattress where you can have two options to adjust to your preferences.
  • Amerisleep: Amerisleep is one of the oldest and finest online memory foam mattress brands. They range from AS1 to AS5, with AS3, AS4, and AS5. Being a high-quality foam it offers you the best contouring and supportive feel that many side sleepers crave.
  • Loom and Leaf: It is the best-rated memory foam mattress. They are designed to accommodate the necessities of a side sleeper. They are manufactured with comforting materials and an adequately structured layered construction to ensure that everything is handled correctly.
  • Bear mattress: The bear mattress uses high-quality materials which is incredibly comfortable and at a much lower price. Bear mattress uses a special celliant cover which results in significantly increased airflow than any other memory foam mattress.
  • Zinus: Zinus is the popular mattress brand and more often known for its durability. It provides a good memory foam option that is comfortable and offers good body support for side sleepers for a very reasonable price.
  • Brentwood Home Cypress: Brentwood is one of the best mattress prevalent and preferred option for people with side sleeping habits. The mattress offers its 13-inch option of comforting gel foam which is specifically designed for side sleepers to ensure that no extra pressure is applied.