Best kitchen games for a bridal party


The moment when you say ‘I do’ you become something more than a wife: you also become the mistress of the kitchen. Probably that’s why so many wedding shower games are kitchen-themed. Thus, if you have a wedding shower ahead, take a look at some ideas for kitchen games wedding shower party!

Add Some Spice to Kitchen Games

One of the kitchen themed bridal shower games is ‘guess the spice’. You need small bottles or jars to present spices, and lots of different spices to name. However, make sure you have spices that are approximately the same color to make guessing more difficult. In fact, the rules might be different: the players can be allowed to smell, but not to taste. You can also allow the players to try the spices – it’s up to you to decide. For this purpose, number each bottle, and hand out pieces of paper to write down the numbers. Whoever guesses the most gets the prize. This game is definitely one of the top fun bridal shower games.

Tip: you might want to have some freshly ground coffee beans to smell in-between. Our nose gets used to smells too soon. Freshly ground coffee beans refresh the sense of smell.

House Tool Trivia

This is one of the kitchen shower games that needs some extra planning and preparation. Ask each guest to bring some household object, like a citrus juicer or a tea infuser spoon. The more intriguing they look the better. Hand out pencils and pieces of paper and ask the guests to guess what each of the objects is for. It is a great idea for stock the kitchen bridal shower because the bride gets all the objects.

Scrambled Kitchen Words

This is a classic word game, where the letters get all scrambled, and you need to guess them right. But all the words have the same topic: it is something that can be found in the kitchen.

Recipe Challenge

Recipe Challenge is one of the most useful and delicious bridal shower game ideas. You may ask each guest to bring their favorite dish to the party. You might want to split all guests into categories to make sure you have different kinds of food. As everyone tries a bit of each dish, ask them to vote for their favorite dish. It is also a great follow-up if you bring a large blank recipe-book and ask each guest to write down their favorite recipe. This way the newlyweds have a chance to start their married life together in a happier way. At least they would never be hungry!

How To Reward the Winners

Of course, the winners of your kitchen games should get prizes connected with the topic. You might use cute salt and pepper jars to serve as favors of your wedding shower party. Otherwise, you could get your guests a small box of blank recipe cards. Or give each of your guests a small kitchen-themed cupcake – such customized details usually look great and create an atmosphere.