Best Mattress for the environment


In today’s world where pollution is growing in a threatening mode, mattresses are one of the most difficult products to find eco-friendly.

But before going deeper into it, let us discuss a few basic things

What is a mattress?

The mattress is a large rectangular shape pad for supporting any reclining body, it’s usually kept on top of the bed floor. 

It’s built in different sizes, the standard ones followed across the world are:

  1. Crib/Toddler size dimension is 27 x 52 
  2. Twin size dimension is 38 x 75
  3. Twin XL size dimension is 38 x 80
  4. Full-size dimension is 53 x 75 
  5. Queen-size dimension is 60 x 80 
  6. King-Size dimension is 76 x 80 

There are four major types of mattresses

  1. Foam mattress: This type of mattresses are like memory foam soften when a body lies on it soon it molds to the body and when the person gets up the mattress gets back to its normal position
  2. Innerspring mattress: This type of mattress is crafted with steel coins according to the preference, on top of it some models have more layers of foam on top of springs while others are like bouncy surfaces.
  3. Adjustable Air mattresses: This type of mattress are inflatable as per the user’s demand, the user can adjust the compression of the air and inflate the mattress according to his/her comfort zone.    
  4. Eco-friendly mattresses: These types of mattresses are made from organic materials like latex, wool, cotton, bamboo, and non-toxic chemicals, these are the new trending mattresses that are preferred by people who are green environment lovers. Just like the Eco-LuxTM.

These eco-friendly mattresses are quite hard to find especially a genuine product, as there are many bogus brands naming themselves environment-friendly mattresses and charging up very high. 

Now, what is the reason of eco-friendly mattresses being expensive?

It’s because of its build quality and the effort and material involved in it.      

Why is it difficult to produce eco-friendly mattresses?

  • They are bulky and large in quantity
  • Painful to recycle 
  • It’s costly to produce eco-friendly mattress as compared to the traditional ones

But fortunately, with the growing number of environmentally-conscious consumers, more and more brands are stepping forward to catch up with the trend along with serving their customers to attain desirable comfort.

A little comparison over how traditional and environment-friendly mattresses differ in materials

Traditional mattressEnvironment-friendly mattress
Memory foams are synthetic and use petroleumCaustic chemicalsSoftening fabricsOrganic material like LatexWool Untreated cotton

Now some people might be thinking how environmentally-friendly our mattress investment is?

Well before investing hard-earned money, it would be a smart choice to check the basic requirements of best eco-friendly mattress

A basic checklist of buying the best eco-friendly mattress 

  • First of all look for the certifications
  • Are they passed by green environment authorities? 
  • Check out the material they use to produce an eco-friendly mattress
  • The fragrance/ smell of the mattress
  • The lifespan of the mattress
  • Type of cotton used in it 
  • Ask out the reviews or feedback 

Ensure to check different brands because some brands call them ecofriendly but just by calling itself doesn’t mean it’s an ecofriendly mattress.

The Eco-LuxTM mattress 

Bed in a box is a top choice among the environment concerning customers as they use effective methods like The Eco-LuxTM mattress is constructed only with the foam that meets USDA BioPreffered Certification.

Characteristics of the Eco-LuxTM mattress

  • The Eco-Lux Bed in a box is a blend of renewable and luxury currently offering in two different sizes queen and king size
  • 11-inch bed in a box Eco-LuxTM it’s built with luxurious organic cotton cover along with striking green organic fabric on the border
  • It uses 3 inches of plush weighing 4lb BioLux® gel memory foam
  • 8 inches of BioLux® weighing 1.8lb density support foam, designed to give comfort and precisely align the spine of a body
  • It’s acknowledged as one and the only USDA Bio-Preferred memory foam mattress
  • It comes along with organic cotton soft knit, moisture-wicking cover
  • The foam used in the Eco-Lux mattress is accredited by independent laboratories and meet the standards of CertiPUR-US®
  • After testing both the foam and cover are free of harmful chemicals it holds the certification of OEKO-TEX® 
  • On top of all, this mattress comes with a 20-year limited warranty.