Best Miniforms Tables – Right Choice to Have For Your Dining Room


Are you thinking about hosting a party at your home? You want to be a warm and welcoming host to your guests and, at the same time, show your style and personality without coming off as a braggart. While hosting a party, the dining table should be your prime focus. As a matter of fact, it’s your dining table that makes a statement and speaks volumes about your personality.

A dining table holds a key position in your family. This is the place where friends and family dine and share good conversations. This is why buying a dining table merits some attention to details. Among many factors you need to consider before buying the right dining table for your home, the shapes and sizes of this key furniture item require special attention. Here are some tips that can help you make the right decision.


Measurement plays a crucial role before choosing the size and shape of the dining table for your dining room. Dimensions and shape of the room is the foremost thing in deciding the right table size and shape. You want to buy dining room furniture that really fits well in your dining room area. Oftentimes, ignoring this basic criterion can lead to buying the wrong furniture pieces for your room. Therefore, it’s vital to measure the dimensions of your room beforehand.

Besides the dimensions, consider the number of people who are going to use the dining table. You want include all your family members as well as some occasional guest that might come over on spacial occasions. If you have a family of 4-6 members, then choose a table that accommodates nearly 8 people. The extra chairs may seem empty in the beginning, but they will be extremely handy to accommodate more guests.

Keep in mind that the table should be in proportion to your dining room size. Since you are the host, it is important for you guests to sit comfortably and have free space to walk around. Try to leave a maximum of 42 to 48 inches and a minimum of 36 inches between your tables and the walls. About two feet of eating space is required for a person to eat comfortably. When sitting at the table try to have at least 30 to 36 inches from your knee to the back of the chair.

Round Shape Table – Some people prefer round shape tables because they will add extra space around the rounded corners. While rounded corners can help accommodate additional guests around them, these tables typically need wider dining space in your room. You can also consider pedestal tables as they offer excellent leg room. Avoid large round tables as they would make it rather awkward for you to grab your favorite food on the table. However, these tables are ideal for formal dinner and playing cards and board games.

Square Shape Table– A square table is great for a square room. Owing to its equal distances from the center, it offers an intimate dining experience. But again, beware of larger square table as it would make it difficult for you to reach your food. If arranging a dinner party with more people, it is better to have a square table with leaves that can be extended when required.

Rectangular Shape Table – These tables complement well with a narrow, long room. These are great for a lavish dinner and a family night. You can quickly convert these into buffet tables. For a special family dinner, you can create a more elegant look by decorating a rectangular shape table with a piece of candelabra.

It’s very important to pay attention to the height of the tables. While sitting, people should have ample space for their legs to move. Generally there should be about 12 inches allowance between the bottom of the table top and top of the seat. While many of them are about 30 inches in style, it will still vary depending upon your style and need.