Best Perennial Flowers for the Midwest


The American Midwest is the land of extremes. At least when it comes to weather. It’s not uncommon for summer days to reach triple digits and for winter nights to drop well below 0 degrees.

Because of these extremities, it takes particularly hardy species of plants to grow and thrive here year after year. And if you want your yard and garden to bloom to its lushest potential, you’d better select the right perennials. These are the best perennial flowers for the midwest.

Butterfly Weed

Don’t let its name fool you. The butterfly weed is no weed, but in fact, a bright orange-yellow, summer blooming perennial that is especially attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds. It’s brilliantly vibrant colors contrast great against a green foliage backdrop. It’s also fairly drought resistant making it great for those scorching weeks in July and August.


Another hardy species is the coneflower. These purple and white guys flower over the entire season, lasting from spring until fall making them a favorite of many gardeners. It also helps their they’re resistant to just about everything, from clay and rocky soil, to droughts and pesky deer. These are a must for any midwestern garden.

Black-eyed Susan

These late summer bloomers give a golden pop to any garden. Expect the black-eyed susan to reach three feet in height atop their sturdy stems. They’re no-maintenance and easy to grow for even newest gardeners.

False Indigo

False indigo, as the name suggests, blooms a beautiful bluish-purple. These upright bloomers spread deep roots and are incredibly hardy, resistant to just about anything the midwest can throw at it. Their flowers bloom on spikes during the spring and last for about three weeks.

Prairie Smoke

This unique little fella blooms pink-white tail-like wisps from its bowl shaped head which resemble plums of smoke, giving it its name. Its evergreen foliage turns a distinct red in the fall, really giving a pop to your garden. It’s a one of a kind but nevertheless, hardy perennial that will withstand the heat and give a unique flavor to your garden.

Maintaining a garden in such a climate takes a lot of planning and effort. It’s important to do your research and be willing to spend a lot of time out in the dirt. However, there are plenty of highly qualified residential landscapers out there who do incredible work and really know their perennials.