Best SEO Strategies for Digital Marketing to get Online Referrals


It has been found that industries have developed a lot in over a decade and have been expanding over internet. Industries, in a battle of outwitting each other, are constantly adapting to different and plausible strategies like SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). But people tend to believe that SEO is a one-time stakeout and never adjust or optimize their website again.

It is easy to differentiate between slacking-off SEO campaign if:

·         SEO title lack keyword focus.

·         SEO title simply mimics the content header.

·         URL of website is way too long.

·         No content is ever updated.

Number of new industries and companies are emerging through the time. The market is full of B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) type industries and is jeopardising SEO search results. The usual keywords or phrases that would keep coming on top now may no longer be found. Google has been updating its policies and SERPs (Search Engines Result Page) i.e. decreasing the visibility of content on a search page due to the ads or PPC campaign present on it. You can even check out to explore more about the best digital marketing strategies.

Ads are one of the most important strategy to market and earn prospects from users anytime. A simple click could lead to a potential customer and new sales. But today, these ads have blown out of control and could be seen on top for almost every search query – in fact, the valuable search output which should be displayed on the top are now broadcasted before the ads. NOTE: try searching for “insurance”, you will see a number of ads related to insurance and then the probable search intent.

A SERP contains elements like:

·  AdWords – top four searches are particularly reserved for AdWords campaign with optional extensions to web link.

·    Knowledge Graph – short boxes that appear usually on top concerning the search query.

·   Site links – multiple sub links tied up to the main site search. Like login link, sign up link, about us page etc.

·    Carousel Listings – interactive search results for things like movies, songs and hotels etc.

·    Reviews

·    Image Packs – a few images of search result in a row

·    Twitter content

If you have a SEO page but is still not being displayed under top results, use these techniques:

1.   Use Stats and Data

It seems easy to pick a keyword or catch phrase for your website but it’s rather tedious. The word may be too competitive or maybe not frequently searched and you may end up earning from little to nothing.

Keywords ranking change every now and then, it would be effective to keep a check on keyword’s search output and update them accordingly.

See simple and realistic targets and review them thoroughly to identify the trends and potential spots which would earn you a decent revenue. Using only a keyword because it has higher search average would not do, at least look for up to 30 keywords which generate up to a thousand searches per month and work them up for your campaign.

It is inevitable to think, “NO! Google would definitely look into my quality content and rank it up”, well it’s optimistic to believe that but it certainly doesn’t work like that. Google does not employ bunch of readers or employees to simply analyse the content and its originality. They have, what a tech-person would call, spider. They are simple codes that basically traverse through all type of content and sort them under a general binding keyword. So, don’t work towards achieving a bigger leap, small steps are always better; slowly work your way to the top.

2.   Amend Your Title

Many people use their organisation name as their SEO title and risk their precious space with blatant words. It might work if your SEO works up to be displayed on SERPs, but if that is not the case then you should be looking forward to change your title by using suitable keywords.

3.   Explore Elements that Support SEO Keywords

Now as you know that keywords are effectively important, you might want to stuff them into your campaign. Do take a moment and go through the options of carefully using the keywords and not just ruin your content with them.

a. Replace content header with reasonable and relevant keywords with <H> tags.

b. Add captions to images wherever possible

c. Moderate the name of images

d. Update image alt text

e. Add internal links to different parts to you web-page content.

f. Inculcate inbound links from other websites that could potentially explain the meaning of jargon used.

4.   Create New Content

Feeling proud about the website you finally updated is essentially a goof feeling but would later deteriorate if the content is not updated frequently.

Come up with new articles and content with priority keywords which could put you on top and add them to the existing page. Analyse the keyword ranks over the time and replace them with new ones which could trigger the content effectively.

Easy Follow up Tips

Experts suggests that all the keywords and similar elements may not have same potential importance. Along with the keywords if smaller factors are inculcated collectively, it may do you wonders and earn you a hefty revenue. Factors to ponder upon:

i.   Mobile compatible websites

ii. Page loading speed

iii. Voice assistance

iv. AI (artificial intelligence) as an assistance.

v. Traffic moderation

vi. HTTPS encryption

Well it’s not definitive to say that things would go smoothly if done as suggested above. Regardless of the efforts made, it’s inevitable that you will hit rock-bottom. All that could be said is that SEO strategies keep changing over the passage of time. Therefore, keep a track of all the changes in marketing strategies and amend your website accordingly. Article contributed by Hari babu from TechAriz!