Best Tips for Travelling on a Budget in Melbourne


Melbourne is a stunning city, renowned for its history, beautiful landscapes and museums that you wouldn’t want to miss. However, it’s also an expensive city to visit and can easily blow your budget. The good news is you can travel to Melbourne without breaking the bank or waiting till you win the lottery. 


Here are some tips that will help you travel more for less and make your dreams a reality.

Plan Ahead

Planning is a key aspect if you want to travel on a budget.  There are early bird deals that you can catch. While traveling spontaneously may sound exciting, you may incur unexpected expenditures. Last-minute bookings are also very expensive.

Travel Off-Peak

A lot of people travel during holidays, summer, and other peak times. During such times, most hotels and parks tend to charge more for their services.  You can travel before or after these seasons when the prices go lower and still have a great time.

Eat at Local Areas

You can grab some cheap local dishes, rather than having dinner in an overpriced restaurant.  In order to know the best places, ask for recommendations from the locals. You can also slash beer off your dinner to add to the savings.

Visit Free Areas

Melbourne has several places you can visit for free. There are various beaches such as St Kilda and Brighton beach where you can stroll and enjoy the cool breeze. You can also visit the Victoria Art Gallery and enjoy the outdoor art galleries on the lanes without sending a penny.  Walk around CBD and enjoy the modern skyscrapers or roll the legs over to Albert Park Lake.

Hire a Campervan

Hiring a campervan can significantly reduce the cost of transport and accommodation. Campervans are fully equipped with various facilities, including a bed, kitchen, and sofas. You can also self-cater for a meal and buy groceries from the city market. The Queen Victoria Market is the city’s bustling market where you can find fresh produce. This will also be a way to explore this great landmark. You can search online for campervan hire Melbourne and book an awesome campervan to explore this stunning city.

Seek Cheap Accommodation

Hotels in Australia are quite pricey. In order to avoid spending a fortune, you can go for less luxurious but affordable accommodation such as hostels. You can even try camping to save on finances.

Minimize on Transport

Transport can take up a significant part of your budget. The transport system in Melbourne is ticketed through a myki system using prepaid cards. However, there are free trams that operate within the CBD.  It’s also easy and cheap to hire a bike and pedal around the city. It’s a great way to explore the city and save transport cost.

Although exploring Melbourne may seem expensive at first, these tips can help you have a rewarding experience in the city without incurring a lot of expenses. You will discover great eat outs, sites, and history, all crammed together.