Best Video Editors Review: Which Video Editor to Choose in 2022


One of the most popular ways to build brand awareness is through video content. Additionally, online creators use videos to build their audiences. Others use videos to respond to messages or to create movie trailers. But for you to make compelling content, you’ll need video editing software. 

To assist you, we’ve done the research and found the best video editors to help you make professional content for all your platforms. Read on to find out more. 


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WeVideo is the best software for editing business and educational videos. So if you want to create training for staff or e-courses, WeVideo will assist with all your editing requirements. It’s a cloud-based platform, so you can edit videos on the go as long as you have an internet connection. 

The platform offers packages for individual teachers or large school districts. For entrepreneurs and business owners, you get access to royalty-free and licensed stock images and audio. With Wevideo, you’re able to upload a video directly to your organization’s social media pages. 

Lastly, you’re able to use WeVideo on various devices such as tablets, SmartPhones, and laptops. 

Operating System 

Mac, Android, Chromebook, iOS, Windows. 

Main Features

  • Voiceover feature 
  • Music library 
  • Cloud-storage 
  • Motion titles 
  • Multi-track editing and storyboard


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Clipchamp is an online video editor with a converter, compressor, and webcam recorder. With Clipchamp, you can trim video clips, control speed, and add audio tracks to your content. The platform allows you to create videos for Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook cover videos. 

What’s more, you can use the Clipchamp Facebook ad maker tool to advertise your brand. It’s the ideal video editor tool for real estate agencies or creative brands. The platform comes with video and audio templates for ads so you can create marketing content with fewer clicks. 

You can use Clipchamp on any device such as a computer or SmartPhone. Whether you’re making a movie or creating adverts, Clipchamp has all the tools you need to make stunning content!

Operating System 

Windows, iOS and Android.

Main Features

  • Customizable templates
  • Rotation tools 
  • Split and combine clips 
  • Crop, flip, and mirror 
  • Drag and drop interface 
  • Change or remove video backgrounds 
  • Audio visualizer

Fastreel Video Editor

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Fastreel is one of the best editors and video makers online that’s developed by Movavi. It’s a simple and effective video editing platform suitable for beginners and professionals. Since it’s an online-based platform, there’s no need to download it, which means you can use it on the go and save space on your device. 

This video editing platform has a sleek interface making it easy to find the tools you need to edit videos. You can upload pictures and videos on Fastreel in formats such as AVI, JPEG, MP4, and GIF. Fastreel also has built-in pre-made templates to create professional videos in less time. Fastreel is the ideal platform to use if you want to make wedding trailers

Operating System 

Windows, iOS and Android. 

Main Features

  • Cropping and resizing 
  • Video compression
  • Video speed controls 
  • Reversing 
  • Adding music to clips 
  • Exporting content 
  • Looping videos 


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Although Kapwing is a video editor, you can also use the platform to create memes. Kapwing allows you to resize your videos and add subtitles in various languages. The platform has a variety of pre-made templates so you can cut down on editing time. 

Kapwing is one of the best free online video makers, but it will add watermarks to your content. To remove watermarks, you’ll need to opt for a paid version. This is a collaborative program so that multiple editors can work on the same video and provide feedback. It also has an excellent media library so you can upload your video from anywhere. 

Operating System 

Windows, Mac, Android or iOS. 

Main Features

  • Supports multiple formats such as JPG, MOV, IMP4 and WEBM. 
  • Split clips and adjust timing and position
  • Auto-generation of subtitles 
  • Removes video backgrounds 
  • 3D video editing tutorials 


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Animoto is another cloud-based video editing software that’s suitable if you’re a content creator or movie maker. With this platform, you can make customized video clips using images, videos, and music. 

Many creators use Animoto to create video content using animation. It’s a feature-rich video editor that allows you to cut down on editing time without compromising on quality visuals. Since Animoto is an online platform, you can use it on any device such as a tablet or computer. 

Animoto is ideal for any type of business such as real estate agents, photographers, fitness, and e-learning sites. You also have access to a music library so you can add sounds to your video clips. Lastly, Animoto provides tutorials on how to edit and create compelling content. 

Operating System 

Windows, Android, iOS and Mac. 

Main Features

  • Collection of pre-made templates
  • Music library 
  • Video trimming 
  • Access to stock library 
  • Drag and drop video editor tools 


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Magisto is an online video that helps you produce outstanding content in minutes. It’s also a movie maker, and you can create musical slideshows with it. With Magisto, you can remove unwanted video clips or add them to your videos. 

The platform has a simple drag and drop interface so that it’s easier for beginners to edit their videos. You can rotate, merge, trim or flip videos. It also has 4K editing support and noise removal. There are also over 800 effects to enhance your video aesthetics. You also have access to a music library so you can add sounds to your video clips. 

Magisto also allows you to tap into your creativity with Hollywood effects. These are tools that only professionals have access to. 

Operating System 

Windows, iOS, Android and Mac. 

Main Features

  • Audio mixer 
  • Green screen tool
  • Color tuning 
  • Advanced text editing 
  • Video stabilization 
  • 3D Lut 
  • Pan and zoom 
  • Overlays and filters 

Final Thoughts 

Are you ready to create stunning, professional videos for your website or social media pages? Choose one of the video editing platforms we’ve reviewed above. Choose a platform that has all the features you need to create videos that will charm your audience and help you grow your channels. 

With the correct platform, you can save time on editing and spend more time sharing your content with others.